Editorial Guidelines

Content Guidelines

Prior to distribution, TS Newswire editorial team reviews press releases and reports. To ensure quick approval, it is critical to meet the following guidelines:

  1. Each article must have a clearly labeled author.
  2. Each article must include the name of the Content Partner (corporate name).
  3. Each article must include a contact phone number and email for the Content Partner.
  4. Each article must include a physical mailing or business address for the Content Partner.
  5. Content cannot include placeholder values for any numbers, metrics or prices referenced.
  6. Each Article must have 80+ Character title and 300+ character subheading

Here are some other ideas to help improve indexation:

  1. Whenever possible, include exchange(s) and ticker(s) in the body and meta-data of your stories.
  2. Try to reference company names, exchanges, and tickers within the first two paragraphs of your story.
  3. Do not publish duplicative content across feeds.

Comtex does not support the following types of content:

  1. Advertorial Content: TS Newswire does not support the distribution of press releases that primarily intend to sell a product or service.
  2. Sexually Explicit: Content: TS Newswire does not support the distribution of Press releases that contain any sexual or illegal material.
  3. Harmful Content: TS Newswire does not support the distribution of content that intend to harm or defame an individual or group.

Topics Not Allowed.

  1. Health Supplement / Reviews content
  2. Click here, Buy now, Purchase, and other sell product/service.
  3. Gambling and Casino


As per the new Policy of Marketwatch, Post will be live only for 90 Days.

Please note that, if any website changes their policy of post live for permanent or somehow days. if they are ready to refund us. then we will refund you. if they are not, then we are not responsible for that. if we get any prior information, we will update you.