Checking your vehicle history is the most important thing you need to do before buying a used car. Failure to do this can cost you a lot. Remember, hidden defects can be expensive to remove. You can find out the full history of your car using the services of specialized companies, for example,

Things to check when buying a car

The following things are the most important elements to look out for when buying a used car:
● VIN number;
● technical condition of the car;
● whether the car is stolen;
● the reality of the car’s mileage;
● hidden damages of the car;
● features of previous use of the car;
● actual photographs of the car.
It isn’t possible to check this information in full at the first meeting with the car seller. Therefore, applying for the services of special services is sometimes the most acceptable.

What does the vehicle history report contain?

The vehicle history report contains a lot of useful information. You can get both good news about the car you are interested in, and real information that the car seller is trying to hide for some reason. It’s worth remembering, however, that not all negative information is necessarily an obstacle to a deal — some may even help you negotiate a better purchase price.
You will be able to get information if the car was in traffic accidents and if it had any other damage. The report also contains information about the real VIN code of the car, when and where it was bought/sold, how many owners owned it. No less interesting is the information about the reality of the car’s mileage displayed on the odometer. You will also be able to find out information about such nuances as service and selling at auctions.

What information is missing in the vehicle history report?

The Vehicle History Report only lists events as they occur. It’s possible that a vehicle could be involved in a serious collision, repaired, and sold before any accident or repair notification makes it to the databases that the reporting companies use. Vehicle history companies strive to provide the most up-to-date information.
For obvious confidentiality reasons, the names of individual owners are not provided — only the total number. You will not be able to verify the accuracy of the words of the owner, who claims that a respectable married couple owned the car before him.

What is BADVIN and why should you choose vehicle reports?

BADVIN is a large database of vehicle history reports. The company strives to protect the rights of consumers, therefore we provide the most verified information.
To make it convenient for customers to use services, BADVIN uses artificial intelligence. This allows you to automatically flag vehicles for possible odometer rollbacks and suspicious transactions.
To provide accurate information, the company tells not only about the auction at which the car was sold on a particular day. BADVIN provided the exact price for which it was sold, showing the photographs used in the auction. This allows you to learn a lot about the real history of the car.
BADVIN also provide the following information:
● Vehicle Specifications.
● Title Records and Title Checks.
● Junk, Salvage.
● Lien, Impound, and Theft Records.
● Insurance Records.
● Owner History, Registered State.
● Many other important records.
Today, there are more than a thousand cars on the market with a dirty history and twisted mileage. You can believe the stories of a dishonest seller and waste thousands of dollars. This will spoil all the joy of the purchase. Save your energy, time and money, check the car at BADVIN before contacting the seller.

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