Custom crate services are indeed expensive than the standard price of packing. The best crating services ensure that all the valuable antiques and other types of items are not damaged during moving to deliver safely.

Which types of things do Packing Service, Inc. offers for packing and crating?

Packing Service, Inc. can palletize any items such as boxes, furniture, equipment, and machinery. Crates provide a secure place for the belongings to be placed, which also protects them from intense heat and cold.

What items will Packing Service, Inc. not pack, and how it provides protection?

Packing Service, Inc. does not pack unsafe materials or corrosive materials.

Additionally, crates come in different sizes, so it is easier for individuals or families to find the right size for their goods. Crates can easily be collapsed and packed along with other household items for the plane ride. Crates provide reasonable protection for fragile items such as fragile artwork, antique furniture, or delicate clothing. Crates offer a platform for small personal items, such as books or toys. Crates come in different colors and styles, so make the crate look like the rest of the household. Crates can easily be stored at home or in the warehouse if anyone needs to get some belongings from the car.

Which type of crate should be chosen?

There are two basic types of crates are: plastic and metal. Metal crates are the most commonly used because they are lightweight and compact, so they don’t take much space. However, most movers and packers prefer plastic crates because they are cheaper and easy to handle. Choosing the Right Size, first of all, size is significant when choosing the best type of crate. The smaller the crate, the heavier it will be. Also, smaller boxes are easily broken. The best crates should be about 2.5 feet by 5 feet by 6 inches. This is the size that most nationwide shipping companies and other moving companies will supply. The crate size should be bigger than that of an average automobile. Check whether the crate size which anyone choose meets the standard height of the average adult person.

Where to buy crates?

Clients often choose to use the same crate service companies to which their previous packaging house delivered their products. If people know that shipment needs and will need specialized crates for storing all the valuable antiques, Packing Service, Inc. Company is the best bet to find a personalized crate. Custom crates come with specific instructions for their safe transport. Customers can choose the types of crates that they want based on their storage requirements.

Crating tips and tricks

Crates for transporting antiques When it comes to crates, customer will have to get the best one that suits the items for transporting. For example, if antiques are in glass or decorative ornaments, client would want to invest in glass crates that do not expand. This will also prevent antiques from getting broken or scuffed.

  • Crates for commercial purposes 

Client can choose a crate for regular commercial activities. If anyone sells antiques, prefer crates that can carry more than 15 pounds of weight. If anyone wants to store a car parts in the crate, you will need a heavy-duty crate that can hold 100 pounds.

  • Another important factor to consider is how the crate is designed.
  • Any type of electronic equipment that is valuable and easily breakable and needs special care.


All the tips listed here should give some good suggestions for choosing the right crate services. If anyone is interested in investing in custom crate services, find a trusted and professional packing company and opt for the best quality and the cheapest pricing.

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