I’ve been working, and what I’ve been doing is just the company’s network management. Most of my work is desktop operation and maintenance, and my ability is limited to small networks, ordinary routers and so on. Recently, the company that I work for has encountered some problems, but I lacks knowledge to solve them, and I really want to improve myself. However, seeing the training and examination fees, I’m afraid that I don’t have much savings. I would like to ask you, Can training really improve ability? Is the certificate also helpful to job development? I’m really confused.


In my heart, CCIE certification is the highest honor of network engineer. If you are a network engineer, CCIE exam must be tested. Otherwise, it is a kind of regret. Knowledge and honor are both received. You must be tested and know how to invest in yourself. Unless you don’t like it.

I took CCIE exam in 2016. At that time, I went out of work to prepare for CCIE test. I never regretted that I didn’t go to work, because becoming a CCIE was my dream.

First of all, training can really expand your knowledge, but it can’t be said that you are equal to experts after training.

Participating in training, in addition to learning some fixed knowledge, the most important thing for you is to learn the thinking pattern of network engineers!

With the thinking pattern of network workers, you have really excellent technology, which is more competitive than just taking a certificate.

I saw the questioner said that because of the current work encountered own problems difficult to solve, he thought to improve technology.

This is the opportunity!

It is life. You should not stay in the comfort zone too long. If there are problems which can not be solved, it proves that you should take action!

CCIE certification is worth costing. But there’s no need to pay for it yourself.

In terms of career development, although you have always been a company network manager, you have at least entered the industry.

Now what you should do is to improve your technology as much as possible. There are many SPOTO free CCIE learning materials and learning tools (simulators) on the Internet. Take the time to improve your skills, and then start your resume interview. Try to jump to the integrator or manufacturer. If you don’t have CCIE certification, you should not be worried about the loss of the interview. Now there are a large number of parallel products of CCIE certification. Universities students who have just graduated are all holding CCIE qualification. Integrators and manufacturers are not out of their mind. As long as you have good technology, you will have opportunities without CCIE certification. I didn’t have any Cisco certification at that time, and I passed the interview with Cisco.

Then you can pay CCIE through your employer. Most normal and reliable companies will encourage you to take CCIE exam and pay for it.

It’s worth to take part in CCIE exam. If you invest in yourself, the rate of return is the highest and the most stable. As far as this certificate level is concerned, it’s useful to learn the technology and get the certificate. Hold the heart of learning technology, study hard, learn well and the income can rise steadily. Come on!

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