No doubt that one of the cutest animals on this planet is the panda, but imagine having that body or dark circles? It is not cute at all. Dark circles can happen to anyone. Excessive work, stress and all this can lead to dark circles. But the question is whether there is any dark circle removal cream available in the market that works. If that’s the reason for your worry, then here we will walk you through the process of landing the best dark circle removal cream.

But before jumping on that, let’s understand what precisely dark circles are. Some people also call them eye bags. It is the dark area below the eye.

Dark circle removal cream helps in hydrating the skin.

Causes of Dark Circles

Many factors lead to the dark under our eyes. Some of them are listed below.

1. Lack of Sleep

While Netflix and all are cool but do you know the cost you pay for this chilling is getting dark circles? You must be wondering how? Well, while watching the shows, you compromise with your sleep which leads to a dark circle.

2. Genetics

Other reasons for getting dark circles are genetics. Sometimes when you are doing all the things but still can’t get rid of your dark circles, then it is assumed to be genetics.

3. Nasal Congestion

Nasal congestion can be another reason for the dark circles. The capillaries may dilate and darken because of nasal congestion or allergy that reduces blood flow to the area beneath the eyes.

4. Ageing

As we age, we lose collagen and fat beneath the eyes, causing the area to shrink. As a result, the skin reveals all that is beneath it, including dark blood cells.

5. Excessive Stress

Another important reason for the dark circles can be stress. Our body displays it clearly, when we deal with depression, anxiety, or other kinds of mental health issues. One of the textbook symptoms of stress is dark circles.

What Exactly is a Dark Circle Removal Cream?

Dark circle removal creams are a special type of cream that is designed specifically for the eye area. Some people believe that normal cream works the same for the eye area, but that’s not true. It has been proven that the area below the eye is sensitive, and requires extra care compared to the other region. So, it is a must to apply dark circle removal cream below if you want to remove dark circles.

What Does Dark Circle Removal Cream Do?

Now you must be wondering if the eye cream actually works or not then this section will clear all your doubts.

1. Hydrates Skin

Because the under-eye area has fewer oil glands than the rest of the face, it dries out rapidly. Dehydration can be avoided and relieved by using moisturizing eye lotion daily. This dark circle removal lotion moisturizes this delicate area of the skin. Many eye creams contain humectants, emollients, and occlusive. These ingredients hydrate the skin.

2. Reduces Fine Lines or Wrinkles

Wrinkles and fine lines develop because of a decrease in collagen. Collagen is the protein that provides skin structure and elasticity as we age. Although sunscreen and not smoking are significant factors in avoiding fine lines, it has been proven that dark circle removal cream also helps in reducing wrinkles or fine lines. The reason for the same is peptides, retinol and Vitamin C are the key factors fighting fine lines and wrinkles and these ingredients are available in dark circle removal cream.

What Ingredients to Look For When Choosing Dark Circle Removal Cream?

We don’t know what causes dark circles, but what we surely can do is pay attention while choosing the dark circle removal cream. As mentioned earlier, eye cream can be used to prevent fine lines and wrinkles and the area below the eyes is sensitive. So it requires extra care. So always choose the product that contains the following ingredients which are mentioned below.

  1. Retinol – It speeds up collagen production and cell proliferation, which helps to prevent aging and improve skin elasticity.
  1. Peptides – It’s an essential nutrient that’s used to repair wrinkles on the skin. They generate hyaluronic acid and collagen and also maintain cells and tissues connected after permeating the skin.
  1. Humectants – The glycerin and hyaluronic acid are used to connect moisture to the skin.
  1. Emollients – It is ceramide and fatty acids that aids in the improvement of skin appearance and texture.
  1. Vitamin C – Vitamin C is best known to fight sun damage.

That’s it! No doubt, dark circle removal cream has its perks. The under-eye area is sensitive and requires special treatment, using under-eye creams that include nourishing components. Always choose under-eye creams that have been dermatologically tested. And do not forget to read the labels before buying the product.

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