The NFT (non-fungible token) craze is in full swing and stories of young people getting into space are popping up.
Amelia, an 8 year old girl from Poland launched a NFT collection called Ami’s Cats. She was introduced to NFTs by her dad, Marcin. An investor and a big fan of the crypto space.

“Amelia has been watching me dabbling in the blockchain related project for a while and she definitely knows more about Bitcoin and Ethereum than most kids but obviously the charts were not too interesting for her.
But one day when instead of charts she saw me browsing through pictures of Fun looking Apes, Cats and Alpacas she wanted to know all about it.”
 said Marcin.

Marcin, the proud owner of a Very Rare Aspiring Alpaca NFT (project launched by entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk) said that Amelia also wanted to own one. Amelia loves cats but unfortunately the Cat NFT was out of their family’s budget. So they decided to make one themselves.

And that’s how Ami’s Cats project was born.

Amelia drew all the cats and Marcin helped put it all together.

“We had so much fun together and we learnt so much along the way. Maybe this will inspire dads and mums around the world to start an NFT project with their kids and teach them about blockchain which I believe is the future their kids will live in.
And if thanks to us, even one parent sets up their Metamask wallet for their kid it will be worth it.”
  Says Marcin

The collection consists of 200 unique NFTs depicting, you guessed it – cats, all on animated cards with different backgrounds.

“I drew all the cats, each has a very specific character yet it looks similar to all the others. I also chose four backgrounds: Gold, because my dad said gold cards are cool, Chocolate because I like chocolate, Couch background because that’s where my cat loves to sleep and a Grass background because I also wanted to do something for the stray cats.
At the end, I added a bubble gum too”
says Amelia.

What Amelia is describing are ways that NFT creators use to make their collection unique and also to control the rarity of each artwork. So while there are 84 Grass versions available, there are only 4 Bubble Gum NFTs in total making them extremely rare, thus more valuable for the collector.

For sceptics though, drawing cats and selling them online seems pointless and Marcin is aware of that opinion.

He says “As a follower of people like Gary Vee or Tom Bilyeu who I look up to and who talk a lot about delivering Value, I asked Amelia what she would want this project to do, besides her making a few dollars.
What she came up with was amazing. She said, since this is a cat related project, can we help cats who are not as happy as Molly (our cat)? I then learnt that the smart contract allows us to collect royalties when people trade the NFTs. So we decided to use 30% of all the royalties to help cat rescue centers around the world”

Community plays an integral part in NFT projects so Marcin explained that the NFT owners will vote on which cat related charity will get the donation.

“I love cats and I want to help those cats that are sad, but I also want to buy Gary Vee’s Very Rare Black Cat NFT too, and if there’s still some money left, I have my eyes on a few Lego sets I want.”  Said Amelia.

Ami’s Cats is available on the NFT marketplaces such as Opensea here:

And the best place to get updates is twitter:

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