Home entertainment is next-level today thanks to technology making you closer to your favorite TV shows and movies, whether at home or on the go. If you are a true fan of movies and TV shows, you are at the right place. We cover up 10 best Movie APKs for streaming movies and TV shows that are tested working and reliable. The list here comes includes,

  • ZiniTevi APK
  • Cinema HD
  • Kodi
  • MovieBox
  • Tubi TV App
  • MediaBox HD
  • Stremio APK
  • Nova TV
  • BeeTV App
  • TeaTV

Are you in a hurry to know the best? Our top recommendation is ZiniTevi APK which is totally free and comes with the highest device compatibility. What we call the best might not be the best for yours. So check the app details to find the pros and cons of each.

Let’s go ahead!

What are the best movie APKs for streaming Movies and TV Shows?

Innovation of technology has made the choice difficult bringing hundreds of constant updates on the best movie APK for streaming your favorites. To make the job easier for you here we bring more details about the best 10 options in the market.

ZiniTevi APK

ZiniTevi is a well-designed streaming app developed to free download. This supports a wide range of devices including Android, iPhone, iPad, and Android BOX, Apple TV, Smart TV, Windows PC, Laptops, FireStick, Chromecast, Roku, MiBox, PlayStation, and Xbox.

ZiniTevi APK updates regularly to offer the best features and highest security. And thanks to its wide-ranging content, you can find almost any movie or TV show through this streaming app. You can watch online or even download to watch later.  You can find videos in HD quality to give you the best cinema experience.

As a third-party movie APK for streaming, you could not find download support from official app stores. Therefore, find reliable download links to get the app on your device. ZiniTevi App supports a very simple installation guide for the highest convenience.

  • Completely free download
  • Online and offline movies to watch
  • Access to free subtitles in more than 20 languages
  • High-quality video download
  • Unlimited movies and TV shows for streaming
  • Regularly updating interface for easier handling
  • Easy navigation system

Cinema HD

To find all your favorite movies and TV shows in one place, Cinema HD is a great option. It is totally free to watch all trending content through this app in high-quality videos. As to many, this is a mix of ShowBox and Terrarium TV features to give the best.

If you have a good connection to the internet, Cinema HD will function smoothly on your device. And as it has a very supportive interface, you can search, and manage anything on the app without any trouble. Luckily, it supports all devices of different operating systems including Fire TV Stick 4K.

  • Support watching movies and TV shows online
  • Can download content to watch later
  • Support subtitles
  • Extremely user supporting app
  • Movies in HD quality, or can choose from other resolutions
  • Faster download
  • Regular updates to content updates

Kodi App

Kodi is an open-source media player that is different from other Movie APKs for streaming. You here can watch unlimited movies, watch local content, and also listen to audio. And as a media app, you can have this from the Google Play store for free.

As not a streaming app itself, Kodi does not store any content. So here to watch movies on Kodi, you should add the right Kodi repositories which are separate programs you can add. And by following add-ons, you can have a great streaming experience like with no other.

The installation of Kodi is easy and you can enjoy a very rich media experience with Kodi. Find the latest version of Kodi for rich Kodi repositories and more streaming.

  • Support installing plenty of apps easily
  • Easy installation and navigation process
  • Wide customization options
  • Access to thousands of movies
  • Repos with various different genres to install
  • Available in different languages
  • Free app to use free with confirmed safety


With a simple user interface and easy navigation, MovieBox is one of the most popular Movie APKs for streaming Movies and TV shows. It comes free bundled with plenty of useful features.

The library of MovieBox pro is regularly updating to maintain a rich source of movies, TV shows, and also music. But just as you know, there is no download available on Google Play Store or any official store. So follow a trustable source to download it free for unlimited streaming capabilities.

  • Require no login or any special requirements
  • No annoying ads
  • HD quality and can choose other resolutions as well
  • Support for subtitles in different languages
  • Highly engaging user interface
  • Highest streaming support to watch movies/TV shows online
  • Can download content to watch later

Tubi TV App

Tubi TV is another most useful app coming in the movie streaming category. It is a free app you can download on many different devices with total legal rights. Thanks to its rich library, you will find the latest and trending movies and TV shows in the store to enjoy a great media experience.

It requires no sign-ups and thanks to wide genres, content is nicely categorized. And thanks to the rating system it supports, you can search for the best content with different ratings. Just like others, this comes with multi-language subtitles, easy navigation, and a highly engaging interface.

  • Free app legal to use
  • Bring access to a wide range of high-quality movies
  • Receives regular updates
  • Easy to create an account with no use of credit card details
  • Available in multiple language support
  • Brings multiple device and platform compatibility including Amazon FireStick, Android, iOS, and Roku
  • More than 200 streaming partner companies

MediaBox HD

Earlier, this has called PlayBox HD, CinemaBox, and HD Movie Box. But now it is coming in MediaBox HD name bringing the most needed updates. It is easy to download on any device for totally free. And just like with online streaming capabilities, you can download movies for free to watch anytime later.

This comes with a special feature to track what you’re watching; so no need of using any more apps for this. And thanks to its wide filtering, you can find your favorites easier. Plus, it takes support on Chromecast, features easy navigation, and support downloads in 4K.

  • No ads to interrupt
  • Require no sign-up
  • Rich of movies and TV series
  • Best filtering by genre, rating, release year, and more for better convenience
  • Free download to watch later
  • Wide device compatibility including Nvidia Shield

Stremio APK

This is another good option coming on the list bringing the best support to stream movies and TV shows. Just like with Kodi, the installation of third-party add-ons to the app will bring the best capabilities to the streaming of movies and TV shows.

The interface is clean and anyone can easily manage its functions. But to access this, you need to sign up. However, some use VPNs to access anonymously while at the same time enjoying its facilities. This supports BitTorrent technology and maintains high-quality movies and TV series in the store. It provides subtitles, support on Chromecast, and also the calendar feature.

  • Similar functioning frame to Kodi
  • Has a wide library of the best free content
  • Syncs across numerous streaming devices
  • Totally free to use
  • Required sign-up (VPN can manage it anonymously)

Nova TV App

Nova TV is another supporting streaming app for your favorite movies and TV shows together with a number of useful features. It works integrated with a number of apps as its built-in media player is not that effective in its role. However, its overall presentation is impressive and comes with great support to your streaming needs.

Its wide device compatibility is an impressive feature it supports including compatibility through FireStick, Fire TV, and Android TV boxes. And as it has a high choice of subtitles in different languages, this becomes a choice for many international users.

  • Regular updates to bring fresh features
  • Bring supporting integrations
  • Require no subscription or registration
  • Wide device compatibility including Fire TV Stick, Android TV box, and also Chromecast
  • Maintains a rich store of movies and TV shows
  • Comes with wide subtitles support with over 225 languages

BeeTV App

BeeTV is another popular option for streaming movies and TV shows with the best features and support. It is a one-stop solution with the highest device compatibility and effective streaming support. Unlike some other options, BeeTV does not host content in its frame. Instead, it supports sites that host media.

A notable feature you could find with BeeTV App is its “special request” feature. Thanks to this, you can place any requests for what you do not find in the search results. So this is a special feature you get with this app that you do not find in others.

  • Minimal and easy to use design
  • Completely free to download
  • Regularly updating to bring the best content to the users
  • Require no registration or subscriptions
  • Minimum ads
  • High-quality content
  • Can download content in local storage to watch later


When it comes to best Movie APKs for streaming Movies and TV Shows, Tea TV is found as quite old one. Thanks to its frequent updates, you will find it fresh every day with the latest and trending options.

The links Tea TV hosts are tested and bring high-quality streams. So you can get high-quality media experience here for totally free. Just as others, it offers subtitles, supports downloading content, and brings the highest device compatibility too.

  • Supports to keep the track of movies
  • Free app to download to support free downloads
  • Gets updated regularly to offer the latest movies, TV shows, and updates
  • Simple and highly engaging interface
  • HD quality content for streaming

What if you find your favorite movies and TV shows to stream with a lot of features? Pretty sure you’d love it. Therefore, find the best movie APKs to make streaming the best and fun.

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