You may think that YouTube views are counted in an effortless manner. However, that’s not true. YouTube views are tricky and are not that simple to understand.

If you want to check how successful your channel is or if you can start making money on YouTube now – you need to know how views are counted on YouTube.

Read this article to find out how YouTube views are counted.

How are they counted?

To make sure that real people are viewing a video, YouTube has two criteria for counting views. These include a user intentionally initiating watching a video and the user watching it for at least 30 seconds.

Therefore, even if you are skipping a video but have watched it for 30 seconds, your view will be counted. However, if you don’t watch it for a full 30 seconds, your view will not be counted.

Repeated views.

Repeated views stop getting counted after a certain amount of views. YouTube has not disclosed the number of repeated reviews. However, experts believe YouTube does not count views after the 4th or 5th view.

Watch bots.

It is essential for users to view the videos realistically. For instance, if you keep jumping from one video to another after watching it for 30 seconds and the videos are not related.

Then YouTube will think you are a robot and will stop counting your views.

When are views not counted?

Other than the ones mentioned above, there are 9ther circumstances when YouTube does not count your views.

If you are leaving spam comments on a video, YouTube will not count your view. Also, the videos that are embedded in a page and are at autostart; YouTube does not count their views either.

Views from live streams.

As you must be aware that YouTube also allows people to showcase their videos live. However, many people are confused about whether YouTube counts the views of a live stream or not.

Well, they are counted. These views are also counted in the same manner as a pre-recorded video.

To wrap it up!

YouTube views play an essential part in a YouTubers career. They help you grow and earn money as well.

Therefore, to increase their views, people sometimes also buy youtube views. This helps them achieve their goal. Furthermore, when people reach a certain amount of views, they can start taking advantage of some facilities provided by YouTube.

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