The Destiny 2 video game was first released in 2017 as a pay to play video game and is the sequel to its popular predecessor Destiny which was released in 2014. Destiny 2 is a multiplayer first person shooter online video game in which the character is in a mythical science fiction world and is on a mission to protect the safe city on Earth from dark alien forces. Developed by Bungie, this game became free to play in 2019 and quickly rose in popularity. In spite of having several video games to play online, most gamers still like to play Destiny 2 even today in the year of 2021. This game is exciting with fun activities that you cannot get bored of. Listed below are some of the reasons behind the rising popularity of Destiny 2.

The Superhero Feels

Many of us are inspired by superhero movies and secretly hope to be a superhero. Destiny 2 is a video game that lets you be one. The player assumes the role of the Guardian who is on a mission to save the Earth from aliens using supernatural powers called the Light. The player can also explore the universe and take on battles with the enemy and vanquish them in order to collect gears and become more powerful. And don’t worry even if you die, for you can resurrect yourself as many times as you want.

A myriad of missions

Destiny 2 offers several types of gameplay to suit your every mood. It has so many activities to complete that you will never get bored of the game. It has nine planets and moons full of different missions, treasures, enemies and activities. If you’re not in the mood for hard-core gaming you can casually play the quests and adventures or indulge in a player vs player matches. You can also use the Destiny 2 boost to make it more challenging whenever you feel like boosting up the game level.

A thrilling story

The creators of Destiny 2 have really taken efforts to build the story and characters of the game and have made it a very thrilling experience. If you are a fan of science fiction then you are bound to be attracted and attached to this game. The alien worlds in Destiny 2 have been created wonderfully with each of them having an interesting background story which adds to the feel and secrecy of the game. The story attracts you and draws you towards the missions.

Never ending rewards

The best part about Destiny 2 is the sheer number of rewards it offers to its players. The players as the Guardian have to keep upgrading themselves and no matter what activity you indulge in, you will always end up with a reward at the end of it which will enhance your powers in some way. You can also take up daily or weekly challenges to win certain gears such as weapons and armours which will make you more powerful.

Sense of connection

Destiny 2 video game proved to be one of the most played games of the year 2020 and 2021 when the people for forced to stay home due to the pandemic. During this difficult time, Destiny 2 became the medium through which people could get in touch with other players while playing the game and feel a sense of connection. Even the creators, who are very receptive to feedback, work on making the necessary changes and developments in order to give a good experience to their consumers who feel heard and take pride in playing a small role in the games development.

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