If you are thinking of starting a business, but do not know what, we will explain some of the temporary rental platforms with which you can start your business in the world of real estate and how Nova city can help you meet this goal.

With the arrival of platforms that facilitate the rental of a property, on a temporary basis, it is necessary to enter the business of real estate rental to increase our budget, but also to offer the best experiences to travellers.

HomeAway / Vrbo

The first application on our list is HomeAway, which has several temporary rental companies for vacationers, such as: HomeAway FamilyVrboVacationRentals.com and Homelidays. In the case of Mexico, the one that corresponds is Vrbo.

If you want to start your business, you should take into consideration that this application has approximately 2 million rentals available to its customers.

The scope, in a vacation rental application allows you to reach more people, hence it is necessary to consider this information when joining any of these platforms, so that you can exploit your business to the fullest.

There are important data that you should keep in mind before joining Vrbo, the commission charged by the platform to its hosts is 3% on reservations, according to information from Syncbnb.

Other aspects to keep in mind is that you must adapt your property to the requirements demanded by the application, for example: Vrbo does not allow its owners to live in the same place where guests are rented, also, sharing between more tenants.

We highlight this last point in case you thought that this application worked as a kind of hostel where many people can occupy the same room. Another fact to highlight is that you should prepare your space for pets since Vrbo allows vacationers to bring their furry companions.

In the payment modalities, since the vacationers can do it by means of the payment of an annuity.


Surely you were surprised to see that Airbnb was not the first option, but we decided to do it this way so that you not only nurture your knowledge about the platform, but also look for other possibilities that are within your reach in terms of rental platforms of real estate.

Airbnb, is a temporary rental platform for vacationers or for express or business trips, it is available in more than 190 countries and in 140 cities in Latin America. Unlike the rest of the platforms, Airbnb offers owners peace of mind, knowing that your property is insured for up to 1 million dollars.

According to information from AirDNA, through El Financiero, the properties offered by the platform in some neighborhoods of the CDMX are: Roma Norte with 914 properties, Hipódromo with 616 properties, Condesa with 495 properties and Polanco with 482 properties.

Imagine the reach of the platform with coverage of 11 states in the different regions of the country.

So if you find yourself thinking of using this platform to exploit your rental business, it is an option so as not to worry about the damage that your property may have.

According to information from ObrasWeb: “Hosts can feel comfortable knowing that they will likely never have to use these protections: Airbnb reported that significant damage occurs in less than 0.7% of all rentals.”

As for the commission of the platform, the hosts are obliged to pay approximately 3 to 5%, the percentage varies according to the policies of each area regarding cancellations, according to information from the Airbnb Help Center.

On the main page of the platform, suggest that you indicate your travel destination, time of stay and number of people. By choosing one of the options that it shows you, you will be able to interact with the images of the property, you will be able to see a bilingual description of the place, the owner, as well as the neighborhood in which the property is located.

In the same way, you will be able to access the availability of the site, the evaluations, site rules, cancellations and a description of the total cost of the accommodation, indicating the discounts, if applicable, the fees for service commission and cleaning of the place.

Take into account that in a survey conducted with tourists from Guanajuato, three out of four had reserved their room through Airbnb, so those are enough reasons to download the application and use it in your business.

This is one of the most recognized applications for temporary rentals worldwide, because they have 10 years of experience, just for Mexico City, they received more than one million guests, according to Informador.mx.

If you want this application to be part of your business, this is one of the most complete platforms on the list, without a doubt.


The Booking platform is another option to think about the business of temporary rentals, why do we say this? Well, as with Airbnb and HomeAway, it is a website where you can find the rent of an apartment, hostel or hostels to be able to vacation.

The platform’s coverage extends to more than 200 countries, offering approximately 5.4 million properties for the disposal of travelers, according to figures from Obrasweb.

According to information from the Hosteltur site, the commission charge that this platform has is 16.5% of the retail price, so, without a doubt, it is a situation that you should consider if you want to boost your business through this app.

On its home page, you must select your travel destination, the days of lodging and the number of people who are, in addition to that you can indicate the number of rooms you request.

We comment on this, so that as a future owner of your business you know what tools your client requires and, in this way, expand their travel experience through what you can offer.

However, this platform does not allow the days of accommodation to exceed 30 days, otherwise it will be impossible to access an accommodation for Booking.

The characteristic of this platform is that it has a wide range of filters to be able to choose the property of your convenience.

That is, after having chosen your destination you can filter, on the right side of the site, by budget, by popular sites, by the number of stars, availability, booking conditions and a long list of filters that you can choose accordingly. with your needs.

In addition to offering you the service of the temporary rental of the property, it also offers you: flights, car rental, tours and activities, as well as taxi service to the airport.

With this extra service, if you want to integrate this platform into your business, it will increase its demand. Without a doubt, one more option within the temporary rental platforms in which you must pay attention to ensure the success of your new real estate business.


The FlipKey rental platform is a page recommended by the management of park view villas , Does that sound familiar?

Having the support of a portal such as TripAdvisor makes it worthy of generating trust among its users, since the FlipKey platform offers coverage of 11,000 cities, belonging to 179 countries, including Mexico, according to information from Xataka.

Do not let this information go, since it is a form of support, due to its preference at an international level, so that your business is positioned in front of a demanding market.

The commissions they charge for hosts are 3% according to information from Syncbnb, making it one of the cheapest commission collection platforms, likewise, it has 300,000 properties available around the world.

But what differentiates it from the others? Well, just “take a look” at their site to know what we are talking about. In the first instance, you are asked to indicate your destination, we have already chosen ours: “Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco”.

After we select the days of our stay, we decided to set a date of 15 days and, to finish the first process, just click on “search”.

The results that it will select for you are diverse, this being one of its qualities as a service, since you can select an option from the results that it gives you, it gave us 1,351 villas available for the dates of our choice.

After you have selected it, FlipKey offers you a highly relevant amount of information to be able to make a decision about it. The platform not only gives you a large number of images of the place, but even the plans! Sure, if that’s the case.

In addition, it has information about the owner, what the environment of the building is like, the services it offers, amenities, access, policies, cancellations, house rules, among much more information.

Unlike the previous one, this platform does allow you to make reservations for more than 30 days.

With all these specifications, FlipKey is one of the applications on this list, where it is easier to navigate and find what a vacationer expects, for that reason, your business could use an application that can offer your future clients, a complete experience before, during and after their stay in your property.

And you, have you already chosen one?

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The payment term of the mortgage loans in ION Financiera does not exceed 20 years, in addition, you can give a down payment of 10%, also, you can receive financing of up to 10 million pesos.

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