From full-length mirrors to customized LED mirrors, glass fabricators can offer specialty decorative glass direct to consumers.

DUBLIN, OHIO—Glass Genius, the first glass-only marketplace, has opened registration for specialty glass fabricators to exhibit their products to professional installers, decorators, contractors, and consumers. This dedicated online portal allows specialty glass fabricators to register and present their unique glass product offerings to niche buyers. Glass Genius covers all types of commercial and residential glass and mirrors, such as full-length mirrors, over bed mirrors, customized LED mirrors, round wall mirrors, and much more.

The mission of Glass Genius is to create a specialized marketplace that connects glass fabricators who have distinctive glass creations with buyers, contractors, and consumers who are looking for something special when it comes to design projects and hard-to-find glass for commercial, business, retail, and home décor. Every glass fabricator who registers to exhibit on the Glass Genius virtual marketplace can offer direct quotes, sales, and delivery on all their specialty products.

Some examples of specialty glass currently offered by registered glass fabricators include easy-to-install round customized LED mirrors with dimmer and touch sensors, perfect for the home bathroom or kitchen, or perhaps a hotel or hair salon.

But there are a variety of other round wall mirrors being sold, including over bed mirrors that can be just the finishing touch to any bedroom in the home. Another versatile commercial or home choice is a wavy full length mirror that can brighten up any living room or restaurant space. But the sky is the limit for glass fabricators when they register with Glass Genius.

They can offer specialty cuts for glass table tops, shelves, antique repairs, heirlooms, and other projects to create unique and functional pieces of art using a variety of glass patterns, such as frosted, tinted, crackled, and hurricane. Plus, the consumer experience with Glass Genius is unrivaled. The site includes tips, tricks, and specific application and installation instructions. Interested glass fabricators are encouraged to create an account today by visiting the Glass Genius.

About Glass Genius

Glass Genius is the extensive online marketplace dedicated to all things glass. Local companies, contractors, interior designs, and consumers can buy and sell glass and wall mirror products quickly and easily. Sellers and buyers can browse and create accounts anytime by visiting the Glass Genius.

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