Choosing a pair of glasses is a matter of personal preference. However, you want your spectacles to flatter your appearance. For this to happen, you just can’t go for any frame you find attractive on optical displays.

The secret to finding the perfect eyeglass frame is paying attention to your face. See what contrasts your face shape and gives it a more balanced appeal. And if you have a round face shape, there are so many styles that will flatter its curvy appearance.

We will tell you 7 flattering options and you decide which one you want as your next pair of prescription or fashion glasses. But first, let’s find out if you actually have a round face shape.

What makes a round face?

It’s worth noting that no face is perfectly round, square or oval. Some people even have a mixture of different face types.

The most prominent elements of a round face are:

  • Soft curves and gentle lines
  • Cheekbones are the broadest part of your face
  • Rounded chin
  • The width and length of the face are the same

If this sounds like you, then you most probably have a round face. Now, all there’s left to do is find glasses that will give shape to your soft curves.

Glasses for round face shape

People with a round face shape need angular frames. They will provide contrast and angles to your soft features and make it look more balanced.

Thick full rimmed glasses with sharp angles look most attractive on your face shape. If you are out for eyewear shopping, make sure you look for these frame styles.

Rectangular or square frames

Rectangular and square frames have vivid angles and edges that lend symmetry to your face. Where the width of rectangular glasses make your face appear longer, square glasses add angles to your curvy profile.

Get these styles in thick frames so they appear more prominent on your face and take the attention away from the roundness of your facial profile.

Cat-eye glasses

Cat-eye women’s glasses are the best style for ladies with a round face shape. The accentuated upper rim with sharp lines and edges add character to your look. The bold appearance of these glasses is perfect for the softness of your curvy features.

There are so many styles available in cat-eye glasses these days. But, whichever frame you pick, you will get a vintage touch to your getup with a hint of feminine charm.

Wayfarer frames

Since your cheekbones are full and broad, wayfarer frames will tone their appearance and slim down your face.

The exaggerated top rim will take attention away from your pronounced cheekbones and lend an illusion of length to your face. Wayfarer glasses are a classic choice for those who wear glasses to work. The conservative yet stylish silhouette gives you a fashionable appeal that is office appropriate as well.

This is the most famous style in unisex glasses which means that wayfarer frames are popular in both women’s and men’s glasses.

Geometric frames

As we have said that your face needs angles, guess who has them? Right, geometric glasses. From pentagon to octagon, the many angles of these glasses look perfect against your soft lines.

However, this style is not a part of mainstream fashion yet. But, you can flex them to show your quirky and unique personality.

Oversized frames

It’s common for people with round faces to go for narrow lenses. However, large and oversized numbers look just as well on you as any other profile.

The big and bold appearance of these glasses overshadows the curvy lines. To catch more attention, go for vivid colours and patterns on your oversized frames. They also work as conversation starters.

When you buy glasses online in the UK, you get so many varieties in oversized frames that you will be spoiled for choice. Also, the prices are comparatively lower at online sites.

Aviator frames

If you love aviator sunglasses, then you can get a similar style in eyeglasses too. Aviator is a universal glasses shape that manages to flatter every profile including your round features.

These frames give you a bold and sharp look. Do not go for thin wireframes as they may dissolve into your face. Rather, go for chunky acetate frames to make a strong fashion statement.

Browline glasses

The distinctive and unique upper rims of these glasses work perfectly towards taking eyes away from your broad cheekbones. Also, these frames work like a charm in both office environments and casual outings. They will lend an intellectual appeal to your look, making you appear geek chic.

Now that you know which frame styles are the most profitable for your round face, go experiment with different looks and slay every outfit. If you choose to buy glasses online, you will get more frames at affordable prices.

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