Pocket Option is owned or operated by two different companies, each with different regulations.

The main company appears to be Gembell Limited which is found at the trust corporation Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Republic of the Marshall Islands MH 96960, and registered under number 86967.

Gembell Limited is regulated by CROFR (Center for Regulation of Relations in Financial Markets) under registration number TSRF RU 0395 AA Vv0141.

The other company is PO TRADE LTD registered in C / O LC02 503, Choc Bay, Castries, Saint Lucia with license number 2019-00207.

All Pocket Option activity is provided by Gembell Limited Services & PO TRADE LTD & PO TRADE LIMITED, that is, it’s provided by both.

Pocket Option Trading Types

Pocket Option Fast Trading may be a newer sort of trading since when Pocket Option started in 2017, it only offered Digital Trading (previously called Trading only).

The introduction of this sort of trading was to permit the Binary Options trader to freely choose the expiration time he wants (within the bounds of the platform: 30 seconds to 4 hours).

Trading Digital has expiration times defined by the platform itself, counting on the days of the candles, as you’ll see within the explanations below.

Fast Trading features a very simple and basic menu.

As you’ll see within the image below, within the time menu, you select exactly what proportion expiration time you would like .

It is often exactly 1 minute, it is often 1 minute and 5 seconds, or the time you would like exactly.

For certain strategies, or for instance, to trade on news it’s an appropriate format.

Digital Trading may be a sort of trading utilized in a couple of Binary Options brokers where the expiration time is at the top of the candle.

As you’ll see inside the platform, you’ll see that there are already pre-defined times.

These times run consistent with the stopwatch.

Each of them corresponds to the top of the candle, whether the candle is 1 minute, or 2, 5, 15, 30 to 4 hours, which is that the largest candle that you simply can trade.

To understand the difference from Fast Trading, while in Fast you program once you want the expiration time, with total freedom of choice, here you’ve got to settle on time already determined on the platform.

For example, you set an operation to end within 5 minutes.

In Fast Trading, you select exactly 5 minutes.

MT5 may be a trading platform in CFDs and Forex by the corporate Metaquotes.

This platform and MT4 are the 2 most used platforms in Forex brokers worldwide.

It is a platform that, additionally to being very complete, also allows trading with Robots.

About 90% of the world’s largest brokers use MT4 or MT5.

In the case of Pocket Option, it opted just for MT5 which is that the most up-to-date.

Just because the Broker has purchased the platform license, it’s because it’s a broker that invests within the best tools to supply its clients, which already offers us some confidence.

Demo Account

The simplest and fastest thanks to testing the Pocket Option platform is to open a free demo account. You don’t even get to register with them to use this training account.

You access the web site and click on on the Demo Account button to urge $ 10,000 in virtual funds that you simply can use to trade.

Even if you’re an experienced investor, it’s an honest choice to try the Demo Account before investing your real money.

After all, if you opt that you simply don’t just like the platform for any reason, it’s much easier to abandon your training account, than to withdraw all of your funds and shut a true account.

Also, if you’re new binary options trading, the demo account will provide you with sufficient experience to know whether you would like to continue trading on this sort of instrument.

The demo account is usually free and may be recharged whenever necessary.

Pocket Option Bonuses and Promotions

When depositing you’ll obtain a Deposit Bonus.

The normal value of this sediment is 50% of the deposited amount, up to a maximum of $ 5,000.

Not only will you’ve got access to many bonuses, but you’ll even be ready to receive prizes consistent with your negotiations where you’ll exchange for other bonuses or prizes.

Another advantage that Pocket Option offers, concerning other brokers is that the Bonus offered are often withdrawn.

To do this, you’ll got to make a trading volume between 25 to 100 times the worth of the Bonus.

Pocket Option Advantages:

When you believe trying out a replacement binary options broker, you would like to make sure that they need enough resources to supply the simplest possible trading experience. What does Pocket Option have that sets it aside from the rest?

• Professional, fast and secure platform

• Trading in Binary Options with 2 differing types of trading (Fast and Digital)

• Social trading, tournaments, and achievements

• OTC trading

• Up to 100% deposit bonus

• $ 1 minimum trades

• Demo account without registration commitment

• MT5 platform for Forex trading

• Accepts traders from the USA, Europe, and Russia (something only a few does)

• Regulated and reliable

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