Olymp trade is among the popular brokers in the financial instruments marketplace. It continues to offer quality customer experiences since it was established in 2014.

Olymp trade is a reputable and trustworthy platform as FinaCom certifies it. It, therefore, stands as a great online trader choice for many novice and experienced investors. With an international background, it is packed with 12 different languages and provides users with a user-friendly platform.

Across the world, more than 25,000 different individuals will trade every day such that the platform has more than $170 million monthly turnovers. Additionally, in 2018, it was awarded a prestigious award of the “Best Trading Platform.” That’s because Olymp Trade is a grade-A platform having a proven track record.

Moreover, traders can trade as many assets as they want because it has more than 70 assets. The assets include commodities, currency pairs, stocks, crypto, and indices, thus plenty of opportunities. Additionally, this platform differs from the rest because it offers a comfortable level of entry. For traders, they will start to trade with a low deposit of $10 but trade even with $1. It is an excellent option offering many crucial benefits and useful features you can check at the Olymp Trade review.

3 Types of Olymp Trade Account

Olymp Trade platform is built with user-friendly in mind, therefore keeping things easy to use, clean, and straightforward. In other platforms, you might see a detailed list having accounts that range from basic to diamond, gold, or platinum. But for Olymp Trade, it has only three well-managed accounts: demo, standard, and VIP.  These accounts are accessible for anyone to sign up for and experience the best trading experience.

  • Demo Account

A demo account is an essential account for both experienced and inexperienced traders. It helps users get used to the features of the platform. To get a demo account, you need to register and get $10,000 virtual money immediately to trade. The virtual money you get in your account, you can use to trade. For experienced traders, they can use the demo account and familiarize themselves with the Olymp Trade platform.

  • Standard Account

If you want to enjoy the benefits of a standard account, you have to deposit $10 after you open a real account. With this account, you can access all available financial instruments, education materials, analytical tools, and assets.

Moreover, a standard account makes you eligible to get up to 82 percent return, thus a competitive offering. With the type of account, maximum trade amounts are respectable, such that with $2000, you can trade freely. Many investors enjoy the comprehensive benefits and rate of return after using a standard account.

  • VIP Account

The VIP account status is reserved for experienced traders. It offers users exclusive benefits for trading with Olymp Trade. For this account, maximum trade amounts will rise to $5,000 and get unbeaten returns of up to 92%.

The VIP account also comes with an extensive list of personal consultation, private webinars, and risk-free trades.

Nevertheless, this is a well-structured account and competitive becoming an excellent choice for a seasoned trader.

Benefits of  Choosing a VIP Olymp Trade

There are numerous benefits of having a VIP Olymp Trade account; read on.

1.Increased profitability

With a VIP account with Olymp Trade, it gives you the benefit of increased profit. You can earn up to 92 percent for each transaction, therefore extracting more profits within less time. If you consider a standard about, the highest you can earn is 80 percent. So, getting a VIP status increases your chances of receiving more profit from your transactions.

It, therefore, means, from a standard account to a VIP account, your income will increase by 12%, which can increase your overall income.

2.Risk-free trades.

Additionally, you can benefit from risk-free trades by choosing a VIP account. It helps you get your returns after your forecast is wrong. If right, on the other hand, you’re eligible to make profits.

Getting a VIP status will enable you to earn money without risks. So, it implies you’ll get a 100% return on the money you invested.

3.Maximum transaction amount.

The maximum transaction amount with a VIP account has been increased by 2.5 times. With a standard account, it is $2,000, but for a VIP account, you can trade up to $5,000. Therefore, it increases the limits of opened deals and can earn more profit – using proper strategies.

After you receive VIP status with Olymp Trade, your maximum trade amount will increase immediately from $2,000 to $5,000

4.Personal consultant.

Olymp Trade has experienced traders who act as analysts. The analyst will make a beginner become a professional by advising on trade issues. Besides, with a VIP account, you can consult an analyst anytime while seeking advice. While contacting an analyst, you can email, phone, request a callback, or Skype.

5.Trading signals.

Each day, there are trading signals and expert analytics that will arrive on the platform. Having such, you can search for investment ideas. So, getting the status gives you the benefit of receiving 5 – 10 signals between 30 – 180 minutes.

6.Term withdrawals.

The transaction period is an essential factor. When you have VIP status, the transaction time will reduce to 1 day. For a trader having a standard account, he or she must wait for three days. But after winning your trades with a VIP account, you’re eligible to receive your profits within the day.

7.Individual training.

If you want to get training with a VIP account status, it is available through Skype, webinars, or telephone. You have a chance to learn economic news, VIP-strategies, the psychology of trade, and trading plan effectively. Besides, you also have an opportunity to choose specific topics or strategies for study.

The Final Word

Choosing a VIP account in Olymp Trade gives you an opportunity of trading at a profitable level. Besides, exclusive strategies, personal managers, increased profitability, quick payments of profits, and transaction insurance are among the benefits. So, you can start to trade efficiently and profitably with VIP Olymp Trade account.

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