The Digitogy brand originated in Europe and its success within continent had led to the firm focusing on expansion into new continents which is why Digitogy is proud to announce its first ever South Amrican operations.

For the first port of call Digitogy is looking at a mixed English and Portuguese speaking market within Brazil where the majority of services will begin in Rio. The idea is to bring Digitogy’s gadget products to Rio and then expand across Brazil and eventually into other areas of South America.

Many firms both retail and e-comm are realising the potential of the Brazilian marketplace which has log been part of the BRIC economies of the worlds. The ‘B’ in brick standing for Brazil has always reminded us here at Digitogy that this is a market to reckoned with and so as we like a challenge our management and marketing teams decided that the Brazilian market is the direction we want to go” – chief operations & strategic expansion director of Digitogy’s expansion plans.

Digitogy’s website is geared towards the Brazilian market with both English language and Portuguese available. The reason the firm targets both language options is because there is a growing trend for English speaking e-comm websites within the Brazil and speaking English for some groups is a fashionable trend in cities such as Rio.

Rio itself is the ideal test market for the Digitogy online gadget store. Although anyone in Brazil can browse and order from the Digitogy website, the first marketing campaigns will begin by focusing on Rio online and offline marketing channels.

We already have a great relationship with our Rio marketing division which has agreed a partnership with Digitogy in an all-in-one deal that includes not only advertising and marketing but also local accounting services so Digitogy sells according to Brazilian financial regulations, and our partners are also experts in Rio’s supply chain options such as mail and door to door deliver”

The success of the partnership between Digitogy and its local Brazilian operator will determine whether the firm expands further across Brazil by extending marketing operations and supply chain connections while there are also options to expand into the English and Spanish speaking countries such as Mexico, Argentina and other countries in the continent.

About Digitogy

Digitogy is a gadgets supplier that has operation spanning globally. Its main area of operations began in Europe where the firm is also expanding its operations. Originally the firm focused on European wide operations and since establishing itself and supply chains within the region, Digitogy is now creating country specific websites to target the English-speaking communities as a whole as well individual countries and their languages.

On top of its European expansion, Digitogy is now operating Asia, South America, and plans to also enter the African continental market. Africa will be one of the biggest challenges yet as the firm establishes partnerships in multiple nations across the continent which will enable the firm to take advantage of existing payment systems and supply chain networks by using local companies and workforce.

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