For one single reason, the majority of ex-pats come to Saudi Arabia: money. The country has vast numbers of opportunities, and its developed economy gives ex-pats a chance to earn double or even three times the amount they earn for the same job back in their home country. Currently, 11.1 million expatriates have made Saudi Arabia their temporary home due to the excellent work prospects and other benefits contained in private sector companies’ employment packages. The tax-free income with only a few expenses, apart from the salaries and other monetary benefits, helps ex-pat workers in Saudi Arabia to theoretically save about 85% of their income. There are also other reasons why they draw people to work in Saudi Arabia. The 5 reasons why you should also work in Saudi Arabia are listed below. you can get a Saudi Work Visa here.
The Perfect Annual Bonus

The annual bonus is another explanation of why one should work in Saudi Arabia. Although some countries merely give workers a small percentage of the monthly salaries as an annual bonus (some don’t even do that), even expatriates in Saudi Arabia earn a bonus equal to two-three months of their salaries. When the fiscal year ends, those working in banks in Saudi Arabia will get several months’ salary as a bonus. As a token of appreciation and motivation, top performers get double this bonus in this country. The nurses and other health workers get their one-month pay as an annual bonus.
Allowances for Transportation & Housing

Unlike other nations, where only a handful of companies provide their ex-pat employees with transportation and housing allowances, all companies in Saudi Arabia are known for their exceptional housing and transportation allowances. If by chance, they are not included in the job offer, Western foreigners working in Saudi Arabia can easily ask for these benefits. The housing benefits are 25 percent or more of the expatriates’ basic income or a physical residence. The country’s labor law also entitles any ex-pat working in Saudi Arabia to a transportation allowance of 8%-10% of the basic wage. If there is no allocation, a vehicle can also be allocated by the organization according to the classification.

Taxes No More

Saudi Arabia’s taxation scheme draws a significant number of expatriates from various parts of the world. First of all, the nation does not have any income tax on any of its residents. In return for their services and profits, ex-pats living in the country for work need to pay a very low fee. While the government has announced a new tax law that asks foreign nationals working in Saudi to pay 100 SAR per month (2017) and 100 SAR per month (2018), the overall taxes are negligible. Compared to every other country in the world, foreigners employed in Saudi Arabia have to pay far less tax.

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Annual Air Fare Round-Outing

This advantage is the main reason why Westerners, Indians, and others from different parts of the world are coming to Saudi Arabia for jobs. Companies are allowed by law to give free tickets to and from Saudi Arabia to their ex-pat staff each year. Expat workers who have completed one year of service in Saudi and are renewing their contracts for at least the next 12 months are designated to receive the employer company’s annual round out air ticket.

Although these are some of the key reasons why you should start working in Saudi Arabia, there are several more reasons for ex-pat workers to work there. Any other reasons why people love to move to Saudi Arabia for work purposes are overtime pay, stand-by pay, transportation facilities, annual merit rise, health benefits, paid holidays, etc.
Better options for jobs & salary packages

The great career opportunities and fantastic pay packages that employers in this country offers are one of the main reasons why people should migrate to Saudi Arabia for work. Many studies have found that Saudi Arabia has great opportunities for job seekers to find jobs. A survey also reported that almost 49 percent of professionals regard job prospects as ‘excellent’ or ‘nice’ in the capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. Other reasons why people should work in this country are the wage packages and other benefits in Saudi Arabia. A majority of professionals are extremely satisfied with the basic salary plus benefits and additional rewards form of pay.


In your CV, having overseas job experience shows to employers your ability to work in other environments and learn how to do business abroad. One of the hardest places to do business, but also one of the most satisfying experiences, might be Saudi Arabia. When you show your adaptability and global business experience, employers will look into this with great interest.

structure in this country. In order to get the best of all in Saudi Arabia, job seekers should also negotiate career prospects and compensation packages with their overseas placement consultants.


Financial opportunities are the number one reason many ex-pats consider moving to Saudi Arabia. Wages are tax-free; that’s a big bonus, given you can expect to pay taxes worth up to 40-50 percent of your earnings in certain countries. As incomes are higher here than in other parts of the globe, savings would be simpler.

The Environment

All year round, Saudi Arabia gets enough sunshine. It’s too hot to even go outside for three or four months of the year, but air-conditioning helps us cope. You can enjoy outdoor living, beaches, pools, etc. in the remaining months. The summers are long and humid, but manageable; you can break it up with holidays at home / overseas as you wait for the cooler weather to return.

Lifestyle Programs

In Saudi Arabia, the standard of living is high, as living costs are low. For ex-pats, it is very common to recruit the help of drivers, maids, nannies, and gardeners. Although these aspects rely on your tastes, a successful lifestyle is enjoyed by many ex-pats.

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