VPN Veteran, a leader in the VPN space, has announced a marked correlation between increased VPN use and work-from-home measures. VPN Veteran is a German firm specializing in the education and testing of various online security products. Using the extensive experience of its expert team, VPN Veteran seeks to inform readers of the growing requirement for VPN use in connection with increased remote work requirements.

The head of sales said in a statement, “VPNs have always been essential in providing users with a secure platform from which to work. However, with such a large concentration of the global workforce moving to an online format, the importance of security and privacy has never been as crucial as it is now.”

In fact, VPN use has sharply risen in both the enterprise and retail VPN space. Employees tasked with maintaining their own IT equipment and networking needs can utilize the tools provided by many of the robust VPN services on the market today. These services provide workers with security, privacy, and stability, and much more.

The world’s leading VPN companies do not limit their services to the individual user. In addition to the standard service suite offered to retail users, work-from-home measures have spurred VPN companies to include IT management services to business owners and large corporations.

Despite the recent uptick in VPN use at the company level, head of security at VPN Veteran had this to say: “There is no doubt that VPNs offer a much-needed breath of fresh air for business and corporations moving their systems to an online environment. The need for security has never been higher and VPNs seem to provide that. That does not mean every VPN is safe, however.”

What the head of sales is referring to is the lack of security measures employed by some of the smaller-name VPN services available today.

Some commonly known risks known to affect employees working from home are DDoS attacks and ATO attacks, but there are many others as well.

In theory, DDoS attacks can be carried out to essentially stop a business operating solely online in tis tracks. Once inside of a system, these types of attacks can quickly cripple a VPN network and cause everyone on the network into forced downtime.

Similarly, ATO (account takeover) attacks can steal the login information of employees logging onto a system that is run on a VPN network. Enabling the correct security measures is, therefore, essential to the safety of the company as well as its employees. The problem is many VPN services do not understand the problem nor do they take the necessary steps to protect their customers from it.

The answer to maintaining a secure working environment with a workforce operating from their homes is to maintain a strong VPN network that is aimed at providing the highest levels of security possible. For that, of course, only some of the largest VPN companies in operation today fit the bill.

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VPN Veteran is a German-based tech company specializing in the review and testing of internet-based security tools and applications. The company has a long-standing belief that today’s internet users have the right to be informed of the many benefits and risks associated with internet use, and VPN Veteran seeks to be a provider of that information.

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