VPN Veteran reveals new numbers showing exponential growth in global VPN use especially amongst English speaking citizens across Europe and aims to support each region individually.

Recent shifts in the ways people are forced to change the ways they conduct their business has caused VPN use to reach levels never before seen. Current VPN use is well above the 50% mark from the same time last year and that growth is a direct result of the global pandemic and work-from-home orders that have impacted economies around the world.

Head of sales and marketing at VPN Veteran had this to say. “The kind of growth we’ve seen in the VPN space over the last few months has been nothing short of amazing. We were already expecting VPN use to reach levels they are currently at, but we expected whose levels to come after years of waiting. With COVID-19, and an entirely new outlook on how to conduct professional life, the demand for greater online privacy and security has never been greater. We believe that it is that very need that has pushed VPN use to these unprecedented levels.

VPNs are popular for a number of reasons. While much of the growth in VPN use is certainly attributed to unprecedented work-from-home measures, there is also a greater demand for VPN services related to education, entertainment, security, and much more.

One popular use for VPNs is the privacy that comes with them. When connected, all internet traffic is sent through a virtual private network, and that information is encrypted. This reduces the risk of cyber attacks considerably.

Streaming popular media content through platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and others is another major selling point for VPN products. With the right VPN, it is possible to catch up on your favorite shows now matter where in the world you happen to be. Only VPNs that advertise the fact that they do, in fact, help their users circumvent the geographical restrictions will have dedicated servers meant for just that purpose.

Accessing torrent search engines and operating a torrent client anonymously is also possible with VPNs. VPN providers will not condone illegal activity on their network and users sign a statement when signing up to confirm knowledge of this requirement.

The most common use that people have for VPNs is the ability to create a network in a matter of minutes that shares nearly the same level of security as many government agencies and financial intuitions.

One of VPN Veteran’s readers stated his reasons for using a VPN at home as follows: “I’ve been working from home for a few years now but I never realized how helpful my VPN would be for work. I can block ads, send money to clients in a secure network, and even tell my clients in confidence that our correspondence is 100% secure.”

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