VPN Veteran warns its users of government actions against VPN use in some regions. In a bid for greater control over online traffic, some countries, including Russia, have begun to ramp up their efforts to log and track online activity of citizens of those countries, as well as anyone sending or receiving information to or from those countries.

VPN Veteran’s regional director, a long-time proponent of online privacy and security had this to say. “We have known for a long time that many governments have an interest and what their citizens are doing online. There are people on both sides of the argument as to whether governments should have access to information traveling into and out of their country. We believe in the privacy, anonymity, and security of all Internet users, despite [the] common arguments given by governments in an effort to gain more involvement in the online lives of their citizens. As governments around the world attempt to creep deeper into our digital lives, there is a growing need for concern. It is, therefore, crucial that our readers learn about ad understand which VPNs can best protect them and their data.”

The regional director’s statement comes on the back of reports that several countries have begun demanding access to VPN user’s traffic and personally identifiable information.

In short, this spells trouble for any of the VPNs that have been affected by government involvement and demands of this type. These VPN companies will no longer be able to promise worry-free torrent downloads. They will also stop providing services aimed at unblocking geographically locked digital content. Furthermore, VPNs that agree to government censorship will no longer be able to provide what most VPN users want: anonymity.

Sales director at VPN Veteran has urged the site’s readership not to worry, saying “although [there has been] a major uptick in government involvement in the VPN space – especially since the rollback of many popular net neutrality laws – it is still possible to find really great VPN services operating out of countries that do not limit VPN services.”

According to the VPN Veteran team, it is essential to select a VPN service which operates out of a few select countries.

Switzerland, Romania, Iceland, Malaysia, Spain, and Panama are a few examples of countries wherein the governments uphold net neutrality regulation.

VPNs operating in countries that do not require VPN service providers to divulge sensitive user data have the unique ability to offer features such as zero-logging, complete privacy, and anonymous internet use.

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