Shoes are a necessity that none of us can forego. But many people just don’t buy shoes because they need them. Passion and love of shoes becomes the factor which prompts them to invest in shoes. 

Alarming facts:

A statistical research was conducted which calculated the amount of money that people spent on a single pair of shoes on a monthly basis. This was rounded up to nearest dollar and the findings were as follows:

  • USA residents spent approximately $90.62 on each pair of shoes. 
  • Men were seen to buy expensive shoes which were valued up to $107.88. 
  • The category of women wasn’t lagging far behind and many women bought shoes valued at $74.23.
  • Individuals under 45 bought shoes with the price ranging to $93.39. While elderly people who had crossed the threshold of 45 years of age, spent their money on quality shoes which were priced to approximately $89.98.
  • Family living within the $50,000 income range were seen to spend a lavish amount of $79.69 per pair.
  • Families with a monthly budget income of $50,000 or more spent almost $111.87 on a single pair of shoes.

Know the facts to change the story of your future:

If you take a close look at all these statistics, you come to the conclusion that individuals end up spending hundreds of dollars on shoes on a yearly basis. The expenses line is virtually higher than the income line for many individuals. And unfortunately, the pattern keeps repeating every month. And this can give rise to financial problems in the long run. 

You need to spend smartly on shoes and save more so that you have some cash saved out in the bank for rainy and unpredictable days. This setback can be rectified when you choose CharmyPosh to buy footwear where you can save more by benefiting from their lower prices which are 70% off as compared to other retailers. According to a worrying report which came way back in the year 2011, 64% of American households don’t even have $1000 saved for emergencies.

Prudence should be maintained when buying shoes. Let us look down at some easy and effective money-saving tips.

Shop neutral colors for your outfits:

Invest in basic colors yet stylish frameworks that will complement most of your outfits elegantly. Colors like nude, black, white and greys seem to blend well with many color palettes. So, shop smartly without sacrificing on style or looks. You can look through the alluring collection of shoes displayed at CharmyPosh featuring premium brands and pick out shoes that coordinate with your persona well. 

Invest in a long term relationship with quality shoes:

Quality influences the lifespan of a pair of shoes. Durable shoes can last you for many years. For example, if you are spending $50 on a pair of pumps which are going to last you just one season, then you are going to need 4 pumps a year which rounds your expenses to $200 yearly. Opting for quality pairs which cost $170 and can last you for two years saves you $230 in the long run.

Health is wealth:

The old saying has a deep ring to it. Your foot health is indeed your best wealth. It is surprising how much money you save if you spend on good quality shoes. Research shows that an average US consumer spends $392 on shoes in one year. This amounts to quite a lot not to mention the extra added cost of the doctor’s visits and foot ointments which consumers keep applying after wearing low quality shoes. Not just blisters or calluses are a foot nuisance experienced by consumers regularly but there are much bigger worries behind the scene. Flat feet, arthritis, plantar fasciitis and many other similar foot problems are arising in people more and more. Since the combined cost of shoes plus health costs amounts to quite a higher amount, analysts suggest that the best way to reduce costs on shoes is to get yourselves a few pair of quality shoes. In these times and age, your preferences define your lifestyle. The more you focus on health friendly shoes, the lesser shoe costs you incur in the long run. 

This means that you find the best stop to get the most user friendly shoes ever. At CharmyPosh you can skim though the most stylish, low cost yet high quality shoes which don’t let you down. Be it a grand occasion or a casual fun picnic, you have a sensual display to choose from. Saving money is an art but not at the cost of your own health. So shop wisely because it really makes a difference!

Compare prices for smarter savings:

Don’t just give in to temptations when buying shoes. Who says that there is not a better pair around. Always compare prices. You never know how a little pricing research can help you to save quite a lot of bucks. You can type in your searches on Google and make a list of all the businesses offering great reduction in prices. We at CharmyPosh give value to our customers and we believe that within your happiness lies our success. You can take benefit from the whopping 70% off on all of CharmyPosh shoe sales and save money on shoes. 

Save even more!

Always be on a lookout for coupon codes and discounts. It hardly takes any minutes yet could save you from spending hundreds of extra dollars. You can do a quick internet browse and have the list of websites ready which are offering coupons and deals. Even annual or monthly shoe sales are big pay offs. You can save worth hundreds of dollars just by shopping for bargains or purchasing out of season shoes which are currently costing less.

Free shipping and free return policy also makes a major difference in your total shoe cost. Research shows that almost three quarters of consumers tend to expect free shipping even on orders less than $50. A recent research by Shippo revealed that half of the total shoe consumers wanted to shop with stores which offered free shipping.  It also suggested that 27% of the online consumers were willing to buy only if online shipping was made available. Compared to this data, it is a little unnerving to see that only 21% of businesses in 2019 were offering free shipping. Moreover, a study also suggested that a free returns policy also influences 39% of the online shoppers to purchase more than they actually need. 

This shows that most shoppers tend to give preference to discounts and sales, free shipping and free returns policy. Yet only 21% of the shoe businesses are offering the perfect savings package. CharmyPosh is one of those shoe businesses which not only gives you free shipping but also free returns policy within the 30 days of purchase. You simply cannot get a better deal in the market. CharmyPosh is the one budget shoe stop for every person wishing to cut down on their annual shoe cost. 

Concluding note:

Shoe shopping is like a mind game where you need to know how to access and take advantage of good deals. Shopping for innumerable pairs doesn’t need to be a bank breaker for you. You can stop and shop at CharmyPosh to have a win-win deal and best-dressed feet.

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