Diseases and issues do exist in this world, but every disease or complication has solutions too. Medication can give your instant results, but there are so many side effects of using medicines.

Doctors often prescribe a very high dose of medicine, which can recover you instantly, but the issue can arise after some time.

How about you use natural sources for the treatment of your problems rather than using high potency medicines? If you feel stressed or depressed and have issues related to the skin – essential oils can do wonders for you.

Don’t’ you know where to purchase those oils? The good bye company provides high quality and natural oils you can completely rely on to treat your issues.

However, one has to be very careful about the dos and don’ts of essential oils.

The Dos and Don’ts of essential oil

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are like miracle oils that are made from different parts of leaves, herbs, and bakes. They are intended to get some health outcomes.

Essential oils can be used in various ways like you can smell them, rub them on the skin, and you can also put them in your bath when you take a shower.

There is no doubt that essential oils along with some other ingredients can be used to get numerous benefits, but there are some dos and don’ts you need to know before start using them:


Do try when anxious

We are living in a world full of anxieties and depressions. One of the best things you can treat with the help of these essential oils is your depression. The simple smell of some oils can make you feel relaxed.

Now comes the question, how to use oil to get rid of anxiety and depression? Well, you can either smell that oil or dilute it and rub it over your skin to get a relaxing feel. According to research, essential oils send chemical messages to the brain to calm it down.

Don’t think you will get the smell, and all of your anxiety will be gone. These oils won’t work that way. Use them, and you will start feeling relaxed.

Do toss your older oils out

Generally, essential oils can be used within three years after production. Essential oils can spoil because of oxygen exposure.

One thing is certain, these oils will always produce a very soothing and relaxing smell, and if you feel there is something wrong with the smell – don’t use that oil.

Moreover, spoiled oil can also irritate or damage your skin. Whenever you feel there is something wrong with your essential oil – throw it out.

Do dilute essential oils

Have you ever used essential oils? If yes, you must be aware of the fact that these oils can only be used after diluting them properly. Some essential oils and almost all of them are too strong to use without diluting.

Especially when you are using vegetable oils and bath gels – you need to dilute them according to the prescription. The more the percentage of natural essential oil, the more will be the chances for damage.

Mix essential oils correctly to avoid all the possible health complications.


Don’t rub essential oils anywhere

One has to be very careful when using these essential oils. The oils are recommended to use over arms and legs, but you cannot out these oils inside your mouth, nose, eye, and other delicate or private parts.

Always make sure you consult your doctor or physician before using them anywhere.

Don’t trust buzzwords

Although these essential oils are extracted from plant sources, it doesn’t mean they are completely safe to use. Without consulting a professional, you cannot even rub them over your skin and other body parts.

Otherwise, you will have to face the consequences. Some essential oils can cause allergic reactions and can be irritating to use.

Before start using, a test is always recommended to get to know how your skin responds to that specific essential oil.

Don’t put edible oils on your skin

Some oils are safe to use in your food, but you cannot use those oils on your skin. One of the many examples is cumin oil. If you use this oil on your skin, it can cause blisters on your skin.

Professionals also suggest one should not go into the sun right after using essential oils. Just like you cannot use edible oils on your skin, you cannot use or swallow an essential oil to avoid a serious health issue.

For example, swallowing a sage oil can cause a serious complication, “Seizure.” In this regard, you have to be very watchful when using those essential oils.

 Don’t overdo it

You should’ve listened to this, “The excess of everything is bad.” It’s right. Essential oils must be used after diluting them with the utmost care, but still, you cannot overdo it.

If you use those essential oils more than the prescribed limit – there will be allergic reactions and possible complications. Moreover, it is suggested not to use those oils over your sensitive and private parts.

Don’t use on your damaged skin

As compared to normal skin, damaged skin will absorb more essential oils and is dangerous. When skin use more essential oils than what’s required for it, there will be possible reactions that can further damage the skin.

This is the reason it is suggested not to use these oils on damaged skin.


Essential oils are good and natural, but you must use them very carefully to enjoy the best possible outcomes and benefits.

You cannot use these oils every now and then because they can cause some serious complications.

Always read the instructions and consult a professional before using them.

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