A Britain born eyewear startup competing with top-notch brands with a starting price at a mere £25, is a rare sight. That too, with next-day delivery. Specscart is an eyewear startup with an aim to change the way people perceive eyeglasses. It has recently celebrated its second birthday. This seed sown in Manchester University is now bearing fruits with an online store, plus, two retail ones. Why? For the mission to transform glasses from being an instrument for sight-correction to a fast-fashion accessory. All this is possible with its passionate team, well-equipped in-house labs, and technicians with 20+ years of experience.

“Specscart happened because my glasses broke a day before my semester exams,” says Founder and Managing Director Siddharth Sethi. “I went over to the nearest optician only to find out that the starting price of a new pair was far off from my savings as a student. Bearing even the cost of repairing my old eyeglasses was not feasible for me back then. When I did arrange the money somehow, the retailer told me it’ll take a week to get the eyeglasses made. It is to empower people in that same situation as me that Specscart is born. Now the mission is to help people forget these limitations. It is to change their perception from glasses being only sight-correction devices to a fast-fashion accessory. And yeah, fortunately, I did clear my exams.”

It was broken glasses before an exam that led Siddharth to realise these significant issues with the eyewear industry. Sky-rocketing prices of frames with delivery timings comparable to the pace of a snail. No wonder, eyeglasses aren’t used as fast-fashion accessories like clothes, bags, and shoes are. People don’t own just a single pair of clothing or shoes for all occasions, so why have a single pair of glasses and exploit them for years. A consideration for another set of glasses only happens for cases of emergency. But then, why doesn’t the average person follow the same rule for clothes and similar stuff?

In a nutshell, it is because glasses weren’t as affordable as Specscart has made them be. Plus, hardly anyone in the industry can promise dispatch of the product within 24 hours of receiving the order.

To add to these matchless services from Specscart, it brings forth another element, the appeal of glasses. From the very beginning of its life, Specscart has introduced designer eyewear in its collection through its in-house designer brands Tom Archer and Marc Fabien. The aim being that of giving a ride to a variety of styles straight to your home at the lowest possible prices.

While prices, appeal, quality, and delivery timing were a significant focus of Specscart, there was yet another thing that no other brand acted upon. It is the customer’s experience in the store.

Siddharth later mentioned that another friend had accompanied him to the store that day, only to check out a few frames for himself. It wasn’t surprising to see the frames behind glass shelves that only the shopkeeper could reach. But the uncomfortable situation he found himself in was quite thought-provoking. For every frame he wished to try he had to ask the shopkeeper to bring it to him.

Now, this might not seem a big deal, but there’s no chance someone can comfortably try 3 or 5 or 7 frames without a feeling of awkwardness. What does this result into? Well, in this case, Siddharth’s friend dropped the idea of getting a new pair. Somebody else in the same position might have settled for the wrong frame just because it’s not a great feeling asking the shopkeeper again and again. Both aren’t any good outcomes, as the customer returns with a bad feeling that he might remember for years.

That’s the reason why when Siddharth won a retail shop, with the Albert Gubay Enterprise Award in 2017, he made sure the frames weren’t put behind any glass shelves. Thus, the customers can try as many frames as their heart desires, by picking up the pairs themselves, with no awkward feelings. This decision is one of the reasons why every customer who visits Specscart’s retail stores, returns elated. Not with a pair they settled for, but with the best frame, they could have ever chosen.

Customers love Specscart because even if a person cannot visit the store, he can order up to 4 frames for a home trial of 7 days. That too, with free/prepaid shipping both ways. If the person doesn’t find the right pair from the chosen four, he can return them to apply for another try at home package and repeat the cycle until he finds the apt pair. And shipping both sides is always free for the customer, even on the 10th home trial.

While taking care of the customer’s trial experience and putting their best fashion foot forward, Specscart didn’t forget the critical takeaway of eyeglasses. It is an improvement in vision. They ensure this with precisely made lenses at their in-house labs that use advanced technology. The technicians having over 20 years of experience guarantee that there’s no room for error. That’s the reason why Specscart hardly has any complaints or requests to redo the lenses.

With improvement in sight, Specscart also has a sheer passion for protecting people’s eyesight. They do this with their affordable anti-blue light glasses, transition lenses and UV400 sunglasses.

Anti-blue light lenses or X-blue lenses, as Specscart calls it, protects our eyes from the harmful effects of blue light. These harms aren’t just limited to blurred vision or dry eyes but can lead to prolonged damage and insomnia as well. Transition lenses shield our eyes from UV light that comes through the sun and artificial lighting. They are a hassle-free way to walk indoors and outdoors without having to worry about two different pairs. This convenience is possible due to tints that turn dark when you move outside in the sun and clear when you get back in. The lenses do this by absorbing the UV light present in the surroundings.

Whether or not a person chooses these special lenses when they buy prescription glasses online, Specscart ensures primary protection through each of its products. That’s right! Each pair of glasses made comes with a layer of anti-glare, anti-UV, and scratch-resistant coatings free of charge. They believe that fundamental eye protection is something everyone deserves.

Talking of eyesight, Specscart also provides eye tests at home and at the workplace to ensure every corner of Britain enjoys proper vision. It also offers free comprehensive eye tests for everyone who can visit its stores in Bury or Walkden. This facility saves customers some more of their savings that they can invest in another pair. Thus, fulfilling the mission of making eyeglasses a fast-fashion accessory to enjoy the same way as clothes.

It’s all the affordable products and services, super-fast delivery, and the ability to try as much as the heart desires, that makes Specscart a game-changer in the eyewear industry. 

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