Since WHO declared the coronavirus COVID-19 a pandemic earlier this year, the whole world suffered a major lockdown. While the lockdown was necessary to prevent the spread of the disease, the only income of many people suffered. So, many people turned towards the online work market to start earning their income. Online trading is one of the most popular online businesses today.

So, if you are one of those people who are thinking of stepping into the developing world of online trade, then there are somethings that you must know. There are many online brokerage firms on the internet, however, you cannot trust all of them. You have to carefully research any broker that you consider as a potential choice before registering an account with them. A broker is like your business partner because they provide you with support through their trading platforms, leverages, and many other features that assist with a successful trade. Some brokers are not worth your time as some of the services that they promise are just empty advertisement tactics.

I have gathered a lot of experience from my years in the online trade business that I can judge if a broker is worth the time or not. One worthwhile broker that I came across is It is originally a Russian broker website but it provides multilingual services for all its customers. Today, I am going to talk about some features of SkyFinCapital that I liked the most.

Broker  SkyFinCapital 
Assets  Crypto, Forex
Minimum Deposit  $100
Account Types  Mini, Silver, Gold, Brilliant, VIP Personal
Training  Individual Training, Webinar, One-on-one Training, Individual Training
Customer Support  24/5
Trading Platform  Android, iOS, Web
Maximum Leverage  1:400
Managed Portfolio  Yes
Bonus  Up to 100% of the Deposited Amount
Services  Borrow, Lend, Invest Cloud Mining
Owned By  Evor Limited


SkyFinCapital’s Best Features

  • Forex Trading

Forex trading is the process of changing one currency to another, this is what we know as foreign exchange. In the world of trade forex trading is used to exchange currencies against each other for profits. Forex markets are one of the most liquid asset markets in the world. What this means is that you can participate in this trade more frequently than the other options and the profits you make will be much more frequent.

Forex market is one of SkyFinCapital’s most favored markets for online trade. The broker allows you to trade a large range of currency pairs through their trading platform.  Some of the most popular currency pairs available for forex trade on this broker are EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, AUD/USD, and many more.

SkyFinCapital provides you with trading tools and instruments such as real-time forex rating charts to give you the best trading experience. This broker allows trade in many regions of the world which increases your chances of profitable exchanges. However, they also warn you of the volatility of forex trading. You may suffer major losses if the market value of the currency you invest in decreases. SkyFinCapital urges you to read its Client Agreement carefully to understand their trading conditions. They also advise you to seek independent advice before deciding on a trading resource. This is some really useful advice, especially for new traders who need to be familiar with the risks that come with the trade of forex.

Furthermore, you will be pleased to know that SkyFinCapital also allows you to trade other assets like cryptocurrencies. They offer a variety of options for cryptocurrency trade and allow you direct access to the cryptocurrency market.

  • Multiple Account Types

Signing up with a broker is like opening a bank account with them. I say this because the process of registration with a broker is similar to that of opening a bank account. For instance, you have to provide personal details for opening both accounts, and you also have to deposit an initial amount into your account for it to be activated. The third similarity between them is that they both offer you different account types that offer various benefits and differ from each other in terms of services.

SkyFinCapital offers you five different account types where each comes with different benefits and features. The first account option is the mini account which is basically a bank account. This is ideal for new traders because it has a small initial deposit fee of just USD 100. In addition, they provide good leverage rates and loan margins. You are provided with the assistance of an account manager, weekly broadcast and market overviews, daily news, and access to various educational resources for trade.

The first personal account is the bronze account where the minimum initial deposit starts from 5000 USD. This account provides you with more services than the mini account in terms of a higher margin loan, in-depth courses, analytical sessions, and portfolio structures.

The silver account is their best value account which provides loan margins for up to 50%. Furthermore, you get daily market signals to help make trade decisions, daily one-on-one conversations with the analyst, and assistance from a personal broker.

The golden account comes with a higher leverage ratio of 1:300 and raised loan margins for up to 75%. In addition to the benefits and services from the other accounts, you also receive invitations to VIP events and a managed portfolio on this account. The minimum deposit rate for this broker starts at $25,000.

The VIP account provides you unlimited benefits, such as that of leverage up to 1:400, 100% margins on loans, unlimited access to brokers, a personal assistant, individual training, and higher payouts. All these benefits come with the high initial deposit rates starting from $50,000.

The broker also allows you to open a demo account where you can test out the different trading tools and instruments to see if you can work with the platform easily or not.

  • Blockchain Startups Investments

Blockchains are digital records that contain information about transactions. These transactions can be from any field, for example, cryptocurrency trades, voting records, etc. Blockchains offer you complete transparency of data, so all your transaction records are available to anyone registered with the same Blockchain company as you. They offer reduced transaction costs and faster settlements.

SkyFinCapital provides you with the opportunity to invest in Blockchain Startups and ICOs. The added this option recently due to the increase in the number of companies launching Blockchain startups. The broker plans to receive an annual income of around 460% for all its investors.

The brokerage firm has around 30 fast-growing technologies and Blockchain projects under surveillance. How you can invest in these projects is by investing in SkyFinCapital. The broker will select the best projects and buy their shares and increase their revenues exponentially. From then on, it is a matter of time until the projects grow into expensive companies. The broker then sells their shares at a much higher price than was bought and your initial funds are returned to you with added profits.

No matter how interesting this trade may be, it is a really slow process of growth and success of the Blockchain startup and the success is not guaranteed. But if luck allows, as with all matters of trade, then you have high chances of making remarkable profits from this investment.

SkyFinCapital has already indulged in several investment deals with companies that have a high rate of success.

  • User Security and Policies

This is a very important feature that you should check carefully before signing up with any broker. You can find out about the security measures for your accounts and information on the Security page on the broker’s websites. Furthermore, you should check to see if the broker complies with the AML policies.

SkyFinCapital shows great commitment to protects its user’s information, assets, and privacy. Extensive cyber-security frameworks have been installed to encrypt all customer information.

The firm complies with the Anti-Money Laundering policies which protect your account from frauds and other illegal activities. SkyFinCapital does not allow any second chances to users involved in illegal activities and their accounts are immediately suspended. All revenues on their accounts are also fortified.

You can trust SkyFinCapital to protect your account funds and the personal information that you provided them with. Their security plans assure customer safety so you can trust them with a peace of mind.

  • Withdrawals Methods

SkyFinCapital allows you to withdraw your funds after submitting an application. The approval time for these applications is around 1 hour. The finance department of SkyFinCapital handles all the withdrawal requests. The approval process may take longer in cases of shortage of data from the client or delays from the third-party’s side.

The withdrawal method will be decided by the finance department. So, you cannot choose your preferred way of withdrawal. They follow the rule of returning the funds to the source of deposit. Unless the deposits were made via Mastercard, which is a non-refundable service. Then you have the option of receiving the amount through bank wires.

You will have to provide personal information to confirm your identity for any withdrawal request. So, if you made your deposit through a debit or credit card then a copy of the front and back of those cards will be required before proceeding. If the amount of withdrawal is more than $500, then until the client’s identity and age have been verified the withdrawal will not take place.

Some guidelines that SkyFinCapital urges you to remember to include sending colored copies of all documents, unedited copies so you must not alter the size of the subject matter. For your own safety, make sure to conceal the middle 8 numbers on your cards. Only make visible the first and last four digits.

SkyFinCapital charges fees for withdrawals. The fee rates vary depending on the method used.

  • Depositing Funds

You can fund your account on SkyFinCapital by using e-wallets, bank transfers, or through some of the major credit or debit cards such as Visa and MasterCard. Cash deposits are not allowed.

The broker does not charge any fee on deposits made using bank transfers and e-wallets. However, a commission of 6% is charged when deposits are made using Visa or MasterCard. If you are charged any additional fees, then you should check with your cardholder as they also have hidden commission rates and fees for depositing cash into online broker accounts. SkyFinCapital has no input on matters regarding your bank.

A deposit transaction via bank transfers may take up to 3 business days to be verified. While using credit cards, debit cards, or e-wallets, the deposits can be verified within 3 hours. Traders can set limits on their deposit rates by contacting the SkyFinCapital support team.

Final Thoughts

SkyFinCapital is an online brokerage firm that specializes in Forex trading and offers its customers unique services and trade assets such as Blockchain startups and ICOs. While the market for blockchain startups may be slow and require patience, but if you invested in the right company then the profits that you will receive will make up for all the wait. The broker provides multiple accounts to accommodate different brokers. So, if you are a new trader, an experienced trader, or a professional one, SkyFinCapital has an account for you. All their account types provide amazing services and benefits that assist you with trading.

I have only talked about a few features of this Russian brokerage firm. Many other features provide amazing services and impressed me such as their customer support services. As a new trader, you must be skeptical of every review that you may read or come across. Some traders pay writers to post positive content about their firms.

I have stated my unbiased and honest review of my experience of trading with this broker. While I have mentioned some features that were satisfying to me, it is not necessary that you will find the same pleasures in them as I did. You should conduct your own research and try out their demo account to ensure that they suit your requirements. Now the ball is in your hands, try out the broker and do your research to see if you want to start your online trading journey with them.

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