The quarantine has forced many people to adopt a more active lifestyle. We were supposed to have the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games this year, but for obvious reasons that has been postponed until 2021, which would have welcomed a number of exciting new sports. Some of these sports are growing in popularity and this is what has warranted the demand from governing bodies as well as the public to see the events on the international stage.

It’s true that the vast majority of people have turned to traditional ways of keeping fit, the likes of running, swimming and cycling are very popular. But, what about climbing or mixed martial arts? We’ll discuss a few sports that are opening up clubs and gyms across the world to encourage participation, offering new opportunities to those who are looking to branch out and try something new!

We’ll take a look at some of these sports and go into detail about what they offer in terms of fitness, as well as how accessible they are to you. So, if you’re keen to break the mould and get involved in a sport that may stick with you for life, read on!

Mixed Martial Arts 

During the 1990s, the US was first exposed to the Gracie family showcasing their trademark Brazilian jiu jitsu. Jiu jitsu is one of the principal disciplines we see in mixed martials arts (MMA) today; one which has been highly influential in the growth of the sport. America has a similar type of sport, based around the use of precise, calculated movements to overcome opponents, in the form of wrestling. Wrestling encompasses the same principals, except individuals are standing up rather than fighting on the floor.

Where boxing was once the dominant combat sport, MMA has taken over. UFC is the most popular combat sports organisation in the world, with millions of viewers from across the globe tuning in for each event. So much so, that even major sports sites are prioritising MMA over boxing. But, why?

Well, MMA offers competitors the opportunity to use their skills in a variety of different disciplines of martial arts. From Karate to Wing Chun, there is no limit to the arsenal of an MMA fighter. The popularity of the UFC has given rise to dojos and gyms opening up across the United States, notably Combat Fitness MMA in Winooski, Vermont. MMA requires discipline and dedication, as individuals build up their skills and improve. You can never stop learning in MMA, even pros that have been competing for a lifetime. This is a humbling aspect of the sport and one that keeps people coming back for more.


A recent report from The International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) reported that the sport has seen an increase in popularity, with some 25 million people across the world of climbing. With up to 1,5000 people trying out their hand on the rock, every single day, in the United States. The physical aspects, coupled with the technique know-how of the sport make it extremely appealing.

Another great thing about climbing, is it’s a multi-disciplined sport. Aspiring climbers have the following options:

  • Sport Climbing – climbers are attached to a rope and attempt to navigate a set course.
  • Bouldering – No ropes. Climbers traverse or climb set routes up to a maximum of about 6 meters in height.
  • Traditional (trad) Climbing – Trad climbing involves being attached to a rope and placing the holds as climbers make their way up walls – sometimes creating their own route.
  • Speed Climbing – Speed climbing is very popular and something we’ll see at the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games. The course is always the same and climbers must ascend the wall as quickly as possible. The first to the top wins.
  • Deep Water Soloing – Probably the least popular of all disciplines, but possibly the most fun. Climbers are expected to ascend routes without ropes, with each route above a body of water. The routes can reach great heights, but the watery landing below offers some comfort to climbers.

The popularity of climbing means those that are interested don’t need to venture too far to find a climbing gym. Alternatively, if the weather permits, head out into the wilderness and seek out any of the millions of climbing routes scattered throughout the great American outdoors.

Both climbing and MMA have a huge community supporting them and those that come with the right attitude will be rewarded with fitness and friendship. So, for anyone still thinking about trying something new. Stop thinking. Get out there and get involved today. You won’t regret it.

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