Boss’s Day In The US – History, Celebrations & Fun Facts! Here you go!

Boss’s Day is around the corner, generally celebrated on 16th October in the US every year. This year, it might not be celebrated with the same energy as celebrated in the preceding years due to the ruling pandemic. Still, people are looking forward to the day to bring in giggles and laughter at the workplace. 

Apart from this, the bosses need appreciation and fun treats from their employees. That’s why, in 1958, the day was registered by a lady named Patricia Bays Haroski in the US Chamber of Commerce. She chose the date 16th to acknowledge her father on his birthday. 

She thought it a good strategy to improve the boss-employee relationship. 

Patricia used to think that the young generation can never understand the hard work and determination the managers put into their work to grow the business. 

Later, in 1962, Otto Kerner supported Patricia’s registration and proclaimed the day.

Hallmark Cards, the renowned greeting card manufacturing company, sold its first Boss’s day card in 1979. Interestingly, according to the company’s spokeswoman Sarah Gronberg, the production of cards was increased by 90% in 2007.

Additionally, she once said (while talking from her office to the sources):

“The trend is just to have fun with it. Buyers want to strike the right tone, light-hearted, and not personal.”

Since then, people are celebrating it with all their hearts to make it a memorable event for the boss. Thereby, some of the favorite ways are mentioned here to rejoice the manager’s big day:

Decorate The Boss’s Office: Workers never miss a single chance to make their manager happy. For instance, decorating a boss’s room with printed balloons, bouquets, and plenty of different knickknacks can impress the dear supervisor.

Create A Team Card: Either the employees can bring already printed cards for the boss or create it on their own to show off their skills. This is how the bosses feel special on their not-so-ordinary day. The card may hold a message:

“You’re a fantastic Boss. We wish you good luck and success. Happy Boss’s Day.”

No Gift, No Gain: No celebration is complete without gifts, especially when it is about celebrating the boss’s day. To appreciate and acknowledge the team leader’s efforts, surprise him/her with unique gift ideas for boss like a mug or a glasses holder, etc.

Post Work Party: Good employees never take work for granted, no matter what. Even on boss’s day, it is mandatory to work with the same intuition as before. The only interesting thing they may do is to throw a surprise party after work, so the manager feels happy that his/her team is dedicated but entertaining.

Create An Appreciation Video: During the break time, workers can show the manager a recorded video of different team members, in which they have expressed their gratitude and appreciated the boss for his hard work. 

Feast-Treat: Some people choose to celebrate it by having a picnic or simply a feast together. Thus, they arrange the feast-treat for their beloved honorable bosses to show how much they respect them. 

An Award Ceremony: While the boss always creates opportunities for the employees to win an award of “Best Employee of the year.” On this day, its time to pay back, the workers should arrange a ceremony for the company’s bosses and create categories for them, like:

  • The Best-Dressed Boss
  • The Coolest Boss
  • The Dedicated Boss
  • The Funniest Boss

Plus, other days that are indirectly related to the boss’s day are:

Alongside this, the National Boss’s Day comes with astounding fun facts. Some of them are shared below:

  • The word boss is originated from the Dutch word “Baas” (Baas means ‘master,’ which was used as the title for the ship captain).
  • The first time the boss word was used as an American English term was in 1625.
  • Boss word also means top-class, cow/calf, and swelling.
  • In the US, almost 11 million people are working in a management/supervisor roles. 
  • According to estimations, of all the bosses globally, 40% are female (approximately). Also, almost only 12% of US companies have female CEOs.
  • The boss word got popularity in the 1950s as a slang term for first-rate or top-notch. 
  • Boss is the 3714th most common last name in the US.
  • Yahoo surveyed in 2008 and analyzed that 43% of the employees don’t like their bosses’ management style.
  • Boss’s Day is a controversial holiday; many employees don’t believe in honoring the bosses.
  • It is being said that “People don’t leave companies; they leave their managers.”
  • Bruce Springsteen (the famous singer and songwriter) is known as “The Boss” throughout his career.
  • When the survey was conducted, 86% of Americans praised their bosses. However, 32%  admitted that they had disobeyed their managers.
  • For 2005, Hallmark Cards offered 56+ cards for the occasion.

Although the Boss’s Day is not a holiday, but an event. Therefore, it must be celebrated on 16th October, not only to appreciate the boss. But, such occasions also help to improvise the bond between an employee and the manager.

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