Work intake forms

Best features can be delivered, via instant messenger, email, or a different channel. It may take a great deal of work and generate a lot of confusion to handle requests such a way, especially if there’s a massive volume of those.  Without an coordinated and concentrated process, there might be missed, replicate, or even contradictory requests.  Additionally, changes might wind up being made into the job without the right impact assessments or characteristics.  All these dangers are why it is so vital to have a definite work intake procedure, including standardized templates and forms. Our software- Gantt chart online software is the best software in the industry, you can rely on it, please check our software’s features.

Multiple project and task views

We’re many different people, and we all do things a bit differently. Embracing this diversity can improve productivity, improve creativity, and increase the organization’s profits. Allowing your staff members to operate in their own manner and change the tool to match their unique tastes will also raise adoption of their program. If a job management tool does not offer you easy customization which enables different job and project perspectives, then it is missing a crucial part. If your team finds out the software awkward or difficult to use, they will not wish to utilize it. The simple solution would be to choose the best job management program which caters to various work styles and goals. You will need the capability to quickly switch between viewpoints so that stakeholders may handle the information in 1 spot and nevertheless view it in numerous formats.


Most straightforward project management methods allow for the modification and creation of templates. It is vital to be certain even if you are thinking about a free project management tool which you just make certain it includes this attribute. The capacity to store common, recurring jobs as templates enables teams to simply replicate them every time a new job begins. Instead of having to start from scratch, this operation means that crucial elements like dependencies, activity length, workflows, assignees, and reports are just copied over.

Custom workflow statuses

Another strong yet easy project management program feature is the capability to specify customized workflows according to your group’s unique procedures.  Start looking for a tool which permits your own workflows to possess statuses that map directly to all your procedure phases.

Automated task assignment

Figuring out who to request assistance on a job or job can take some time. Especially in larger businesses, or associations with higher turnover, it may be difficult to understand who’s accountable for what. A task might not find its way to the ideal individual, or it may get stuck in a specific measure of this procedure if it is not suitably handed off to the correct person at the right time. If jobs aren’t closely monitored and handled, on occasion a petition can sit for months without a movement because of it being unclear who is responsible for this. The capability to autoroute requests into the suitable person based on job details can fix these difficulties. Additionally, the capacity to connect specific workflow statuses to specific staff members may guarantee that jobs are automatically transferred to the ideal person the moment they are prepared for them. Rather of relying on everybody knowing who is responsible for everything and passing it to that individual at the ideal time, you can save all that information inside your job management program.

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