Some digital media analysts are popular saying that one can only watch television online in two ways, i.e. either free or paid. It is quite right in many as well. But today, everybody’s main focus is to watch quality content without paying anything. Now, the online user always searches for new ways to watch free online TV. The free methods generally include free websites including the TV network’s own websites.

It is better to include a statistic about online streaming services before jumping on free TV streaming. A research conducted in 2018 says that paid TV viewers drop by 4.1% in 2018 compared to the previous 1 year. This has all happened due to increasing popularity of services like Hulu, Prime Video, Crackle and Netflix etc. Now, we move on to the freeways of watching TV online.

6 Methods to Watch TV Online for Free

1. Free TV Websites
It is the basic and foremost method for free TV streaming. What you only require is the availability of a good internet connection at the spot where you want to stream live TV. The web is full of such sites, some prominent ones are Pluto TV, Yidio, Snagfilms, and Crackle etc. I usually prefer Pluto TV and Crackle as they are home to some of the best free content you wish for. A limitation usually attached to such sites is the geographical restriction. It means you might be having access problems in certain parts of the world. You need to have a good VPN to stream in such places.

2. Free TV Apps
The free TV streaming apps work the same way as streaming websites do. It is a good free and legal way to watch TV online. You just need to have a good smartphone which people usually have to watch on TV. When you go to the designated app stores, you’ll find some premium apps for TV streaming but you can always go for free streaming apps which isn’t a bad option at all. Some popular TV streaming apps are Hotstar and Viewster. Sony Crackle is also a great TV streaming app.

3. Trial Version of Premium Services
Premium services are the best source of quality content. The thing about these services is that they usually offer a trial run for a period of time absolutely free. Some of the premium services are Netflix, HBO Now, and Hulu etc. They provide a free trial run because they want you to see and enjoy their offerings. It is a popular method to watch some of the most popular TV content available. Sometimes, you have to attach a debit card to start your trial run. It doesn’t mean you’ll be making any payment. The payment will be deducted when the trial period is over.

4. Watch Live TV on YouTube and Facebook
This is a method extremely popular nowadays. YouTube as you know is the world’s largest video streaming platform which is absolutely free. Again you are just required to have a good internet connection to watch movies and TV shows available. Many TV networks also provide Live TV streaming on their YouTube channels for free. For watching movies, YouTube has a designated section which has a great movie library. You can also find content like behind the scene videos, interviews and trailers. In the same way, Facebook is also a home to tons of free TV shows and news networks. The TV networks have set their pages on Facebook which are updated 24/7 with live content.

5. HDTV Antenna
To have an antenna is an old fashioned way but still very effective. It is a great alternative to the paid cable TV network although not as efficient as online streaming is. Getting an over-the-air antenna for free HDTV makes perfect sense if you’ve switched to online streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video. An HDTV antenna is a great means of accessing local news, sports and primetime shows. Sometimes, you can also access the content of NBC, ABC, and FOX if you are living near a metro area in the US. You can use certain online tools to find which channels are available on the terrestrial network in your area.

6. Your Own Library
It is probably the most neglected method for TV streaming. Perhaps many people don’t even know that it is a method of free TV streaming. The common conception is that the local library is only for reading books and stuff. You will be amazed to know that you can access the content in Kanopy by using your university login credentials. Kanopy is basically an educational tool founded in 2008 which allows you to free stream movies, Disney videos, and documentaries. It provides you an online interface for free streaming and allows you to borrow physical media as well. Some other such methods are Hoopla and OverDrive.

These above mentioned methods are the best free and legal methods available to watch Online TV. I am sure you’ll find them great depending on your geographical location.

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