From the viewpoint of an investor, one guaranteed selling point for any broker is attractive bonuses. While these can take many forms, no-deposit options naturally hold an especial appeal, and it’s not difficult to understand why. 

Allowing you to trade with reduced risks from the outset, these offer an unrivaled opportunity to not only profit but to experiment with new ideas and strategies too, without the usual worry of how costly an exercise this might be. 

With this in mind, it is, of course, important to understand how best you can use such a tool to your advantage, which is why we’ve compiled this brief yet informative guide to help you.

Using your bonus to your advantage

As this insightful article on the best no deposit bonus forex explains, this particular type of bonus can effectively act as the key to unlocking the investment markets, allowing you to learn – and even take home a significant sum while doing so – despite carrying zero risk.   

The clear upside to this is that you needn’t be afraid to experiment with your approach, but this is not the only way you can turn it to your advantage. Indeed, there are numerous ways to utilize such an opportunity to its fullest advantage, as we explore below. 

Familiarize yourself with your platform 

To begin, those who have the opportunity to profit from a no-deposit bonus can only do so by first familiarizing themselves with the platform. This is a chance that would not usually be available to you, so this is a unique opportunity to experiment with both the web platform and app. With this in mind, you should use this window to reach a point where you’re happy to trade in a live environment, in the same way you might with a demo or virtual account.  

Place trades

While a no-deposit bonus offers you the opportunity to trial a platform without putting your profits on the line, the best way to take advantage is to remember that it’s not a demo account, and, therefore, any profits you make are ‘real’. With this in mind, we’d advise that you use this period to place your first trades, taking advantage of the fact that they can carry zero risk. If you do this well, you’ll not only reduce the likelihood of making a costly mistake once you’re footing the bill, but could even see you benefit from doing so.

Play the long game 

While everyone has different trading styles, a no-deposit bonus offers an ideal opportunity to try playing the long game with your trades. If you force yourself to think tactically, it’s possible to stretch your bonus money and make it go much further than you might imagine, while also building a buffer of capital without going into your own funds. Although this requires a lot of thought and planning, and the necessary willpower to not jump too early, particularly when prices show a sudden surge as in the recent case of Netflix.

Experiment with your style 

While you should always try to make the most of such an opportunity, it can be equally as useful to see it as a learning experience rather than just a chance to turn a profit. That’s because no-deposit bonuses provide an unparalleled opportunity to explore and experiment with your style, trying out or trialing ideas and approaches that you may not feel able to once your own money is on the line. Should you find that these prove more successful than your usual methods, such experimentation can pay dividends in the long-run.    

Why not keep an eye out for a no-deposit bonus opportunity of your own? 

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