Convenience and speed are two essential elements of our modern-day living. Statistically, the revenue of the online food delivery segment worldwide is expected to grow to 97 million US dollars in 2024. Moreover, 50 % of US citizens use delivery services to buy meals from restaurants. We can see that millennials prefer having their food delivered. But the main factor that makes food delivery business successful is the ease of use and flexibility. In this post, we’ll analyze some tips that will help you build a food delivery app like Uber Eats.

The thing is that such apps like Postmates, Uber Eats, and Deliveroo are top-rated today. This niche is in demand among users, but this doesn’t mean you can’t create a food delivery app like Uber that will be even more popular than its main competitor.

How Does Uber Food Delivery Platform Work?
This application is a game-changer in the modern food delivery industry. Its main goal is to provide users with an opportunity to order meals online from various cafes and restaurants that are located nearby.

First, the app hit the market six years ago and immediately demonstrated excellent results. Even during the COVID lockdown, when millions of people lost their jobs, the food delivery industry continued to grow. It managed to keep stable positions on the market. Here’s how this on-demand food delivery app works:

  • A cafe or restaurant creates an account in the app, adds a menu, address, and pricing policy.
  • Customers also need to create an account. They choose meals and place their orders.
  • Couriers receive notifications about orders, accept them, and deliver meals.

Thanks to this application, customers can have their meals delivered anywhere in the country. The app also allows users to monitor food routes.

How does the app earn money? It charges both cafes and customers. The sum of fees usually varies depending on the location.
How to Build a Food Delivery App Like Uber?
The first thing that you need to do is choosing a start-up model. It can be:

  • The aggregator model. The platform includes lots of cafes and restaurants. A customer needs to make an order, confirm it, and after that, the order is sent to a restaurant. In this case, the delivery is performed by the cafe itself.
  • A food delivery service that supports logistics. The main distinctive feature of this solution is that it provides logistics support. Restaurants only need to accept orders; the app will find a courier who will deliver it to a customer.

Overview of the main features apps like Uber Eats must have
After choosing a business model and hiring a development team, you need to decide what options your application must include. Here’s a list of must-have features:

  • Access to data. Data is the main factor that makes such apps popular among users. Your app should include lots of high-quality images, videos, and information about calories, descriptions, prices, etc. Today, this information can be accessed through the API used in the apps.
  • Integration of a payment method. Users should have a chance to pay for the services in a few clicks. All the leading players on the market have an integrated gateway that guarantees fast and simple transactions. Make sure your app includes as many payment options as possible (Square, Visa, PayPal, etc.).
  • It’s a handy option that enables users to see where your order is. GPS identifies the users’ location and allows them to monitor shipment. The most popular APIs for this option are Google Maps, or MapKit.
  • Delivery time. Remember that hungry people don’t like to wait. They want to get their order as quickly as possible. People are searching for quick deliveries. Therefore, it would be great if you have an option that notifies users of estimated delivery time.
  • Reputation is a question of major concern for most businesses. Bad feedback means no customers. A rating system is a superb tool that allows users to leave feedback about delivery services and food quality. Moreover, the rating will help your customers make a choice faster!
  • Loyalty program. The main goal of loyalty programs is to encourage more clients. Some users even say that they would use such apps more often if they are offered loyalty programs. People like discounts, so give them a chance to participate in loyalty programs. Overall, such solutions encourage your clients to come back to your services and order again and again.

All in all, you should have a few versions of the app:

  • For restaurants;
  • For customers;
  • For delivery personnel;
  • For partners.

Find your targeted audience
The main thing that can make your app successful is your targeted audience. Sometimes, it is really hard to find suitable audience that will appreciate your app and help earn money. Try to be more specific. Who are your users? Busy business owners, who are searching for a healthy launch or students looking for fast food? Or maybe people on a diet? Before you start your marketing campaign, think about the targeted audience because you can’t reach all!

Hire a qualified software development team and discuss app development time. You’ll definitely create a multi featured food delivery app that will meet the needs of your targeted audience. Have all our recommendations in mind and you’ll easily tackle that challenge! Start bringing your idea into life right now!

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