Finding bats in the attic can be quite a frightening surprise. Of course, to many people, bats look really scary when it surely is not pleasant to share a home with them. Bats, in fact, are very helpful neighbours. They eat insects such as mosquitoes and beetles which are other pests humans do not like being around while living lives like the agent balance the ecosystem of your local environment. However, they are not to be too closed with.

Talking about bats in the attic, if you happen to find them there, you need to properly remove them as soon as possible. Allowing them to be there as a colony will present you with some health risks as well as structural damage to your building. They are unlikely to bite anyone unless they do not have the choice, but their droppings, often known as guano, can be quite dangerous when inhaled. It contains the virus that could cause people an infectious respiratory disease.

In another way, their droppings and urine will corrode the wooden structure as well as your other building materials slowly and unnecessarily. The most important thing is you do not feel comfortable living with them which look pretty scary. Therefore, you will have to deal with them as quickly as possible. Indeed.

Plenty of Bat Deterrent Products are available while some find out it works well for them but not the others. There has not been still enough scientific evidence of something as really a bat repellent, but they have been sold everywhere so far. If your case is not as serious, that is the first step, with much less cost, you can try before calling a professional service to help. Though, you will still need to know a few things about removing bats from your attic, either you want a professional service to help or you want to do it yourselves.

How To Deal with Bats in Attic

The very first thing to know about bat removal is you should not poison or find any other ways to kill them to remove them. It is even more illegal in certain states while it is not a humane and effective way to do it. Never attempt to kill them, and you do not have to do it, just remember that.

After learning about the colony, if they are really there, you would need a bit of time and effort to observe and find out all the possible places they have used to hide themselves during the day light and especially the main entry points. You get to know why and how they come to choose your home to roost. Of this, bats will usually stay indoors at day time and leave to hunt insects for food in the evening. You can see their activities during this right time.

Upon getting to know all of these, it is time you prepare a removal plan. You need to wait until they are all out for food so that you can claim up there. One person is not enough for the job. You could find some helping hands from friends or family members to do so. And, before claiming up, everyone needs to suit up. Masks and gloves are a must.

Up there, the important job is to find and seal all the holes that are possible for bats to squeeze themselves in, leaving only the main entrance points free. That allows them to use only the main one, and it is easy for you to put on the second step, which is to install bat houses or boxes next to their main entrance.

Leaving it for about a week to let bats get used to their new homes before you can install the mess excluder over the main entrance. It will allow them to leave the space as normal but could not return back in. Then, their only option would be to stay in their new bat boxes or houses you install. Do not be in a rush. You may need to leave them for another week so that all of them have really come out, and there are none inside.

That is when you can seal the bat boxes or houses to contain them there. That needs to be done during the daylight when they roost inside. After that, you can call the professional pest management authority to relocate them safely to another area. What is left is cleaning up and getting your attic in order before applying some bat repellent to protect and prevent old or new ones from attracting to the place again.

It is really important that you need to thoroughly clean their droppings, their urine stains as well as hairs. Bats are not as dangerous as those things which usually contain viruses to cause infectious lung disease. The droppings and all can be there while it is important you protect yourselves well during the cleaning up process. That is also the period it can face you with the danger.

After the cleaning tasks are all done, you might want to consider spraying the wall and everywhere around with bat repellent spray or simply leave some mothballs to places inside the attic. It will release odor or gas that are inhospitable to bats and will as a result repel any one of them who comes next. Then, all is done for you. You can rest assured you can live freely at home again.

By the way, this is such a big effort to remove bats by yourselves. And, if you feel you are not sure you can do this, be willing to pay for the service, contact the local experts you trust, and let them handle the job. It will always be a safer idea, and they know what should be done and not be done way better than us.

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