The criminal defense lawyer is a professional hired to defend a thesis and point out the legal errors against a just or unjust accusation.

Unlike that society with an outdated stance; a good criminal lawyer must above all be ethical and committed to the law and the law.

He does not accept a cause to defend bandits, to defend criminals and they do not mix with them, his function is to listen to the client without making any pre-judgment, regardless of the guilt that he may bear for the act practiced, as is known, all they deserve defense and a fair trial.

I often say that the basic premise of those who work in criminal law is to have as a precondition for the exercise of their function, it is the principle of innocence that our greatest charter guarantees to any citizen accused of having committed an offense.

The second premise is the right of the person to be well accused in the process and to be able to fully exercise his right to defense, because, although this or that client may enter his office with some sense of guilt, no one can be found guilty without being judged.

Indeed, a society with a contemporary vision would soon condemn a doctor who would let the “bandit” die if he had all the necessary means to save his life. Now, logically, no matter how bad the “individual” is, no matter how bad the act is, everyone would say that the doctor was inhuman, so he deserves to be punished.

With the involvement with crime, this tendency to trying to criminalize criminal law or criminal lawyer is irrational and inhumane with the professional and with the client, who often living the worst moment of his existence, finds in the lawyer the same hope that perhaps he would find in the doctor if he were at risk of life, in this case, usually a risk of freedom, financial, family, etc.

Defense of Criminal Lawyer

Criminal law has evolved, criminal cases have changed, as well as the conduct and circumstances of the crime, the modes of operation are no longer the same outlined only in the caput of the Penal Code, so there is no longer a limit

for an unbridled accusation, it seems that everything is allowed, the accused commits a certain crime and soon finds himself accused of another ten on unreasonable grounds and totally outside the factual context.

It is not uncommon to practice acts that, in theory, only allow discussions in the administrative field, being illegally adopted by the prosecution as a source and evidence of a crime to initiate a police investigation and prosecution.

Therefore, the defense of the criminal lawyer consists of guaranteeing the accused, regardless of whether or not he has performed any act contrary to the law, should guarantee to his client that in the first moment he is respected as a human being, in the second moment, that his constitutional right to remaining silent is guaranteed, thirdly, to be found innocent until proven guilty, fourthly, not to produce evidence against you, fifthly, to have guaranteed due process and finally, to impose yourself before the authorities when there are abuses investigative, excessive accusation by the prosecuting authorities, always using the necessary procedural means in compliance with the mandate and the thesis entrusted to it.

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