LIMASSOL, Cyprus – Galaxia Estate Agencies, one of the highly-accelerating companies in the leaderboard, releases an extensive list of available Limassol real estate, suitable for residential and business purposes. The company offers safe and customer-oriented investment for all kinds of property.

Limassol being the second most populous and highly-urbanized surely is a busy city. Arranging accommodations, rentals, vacation villas, and even residential homes offered by the company makes a huge difference for the population. Its sensitivity and curiosity about what its clients’ needs resulted in a bright idea.

The company structured a user-friendly interface for the clients’ who are searching for properties online. While promoting a wide range of options to choose from using the best description and pictures, Galaxia Estate Agencies ensures the quality of the property not only virtually but physically as well. The company also manages social media accounts to attract and accommodate more audience. The company has Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

Committing to efficiency, the company extends its services from basic to a smoother and easier transaction. Its services also include the careful provision of guidance throughout the process.

“We pride ourselves on the strict attention we pay to quality in terms of construction materials and engineering techniques. We have our project study department, architects, engineers, and designers able to complete to perfection an entire project from the planning stage to construction, even down to furnishing.”

In addition to the properties listed on their website, the company proudly presents its newest developments- Alasia Residence, Galaxia 22, Galaxia 24, Residence 23, and High-Cross Business Center. In the said erections, great architectural aesthetics with a strong foundation impose brings the clients quality properties.

Galaxia 22, Galaxia 24, Alasia Residence, and Residence 23 are boast-worthy investment must-haves. These luxurious properties were readily available to purchase for all, may it be locals or foreigners. The said residences are perfectly ergonomic for its locations are well-planned to give comfort not only for residing in desired properties but also going out for leisure, work, and more.

On the other hand, the High-Cross Business Center is in a prime location in Limassol. It is built strategically near highways, the city center, and the seafront. Building the business center in such a convenient place to cancel the hassle makes it a better choice for the clients. While the location is already a plus, what is inside the structure makes the business center too wholesome- Containing three spacious offices of varying expanse connected to a common area, a conference room, and a mezzanine floor with space suitable for a retail shop. The vicinity includes a spacious parking lot that can accommodate roughly 68 vehicles at a time.

Aside from the online support, Galaxia Estate Agencies has a physical location where all the queries and sets of information can be answered and retrieved. The office site is at Arch. Makarios III Avenue 219, Limassol 3105, Cyprus.

Galaxia Estate Agencies has established a name in the industry from 1977 until today. Having been running for a long time made a good foundation for new learning and strategies for the company. Today, the company has been very confident showing off its best asset, being experienced and well-trained in the industry indeed. The company mostly focuses on operations and management strategies to provide better-searching experience because ensuring customer satisfaction is its standard.

Find a home out of your regular house with Galaxia Estates Agencies. If you would like to know more information about the company, please visit

Media Details –

Contact Person Name – Stelios Stylianou

Company Email – [email protected]

Address – Arch. Makarios III Avenue 219, Limassol, 3105 Cyprus

City/Country – Limassol, Cyprus

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