No doubt, screen printing allows you to get more practical benefits over paper labels because it is responsible for eliminating the overall cost of label application as well as they are more durable. Along with this, the extreme durability of a ceramic screen-printed label is another significant benefit of glass bottle printing. It is fascinating to know that bottle printing machine manufacturers offer ceramic label that won’t tear, rip and wrinkle during shipping and handling. Moreover, it won’t be damaged by spills in an on-premise environment.

In this digital era of technology, automatic round screen printing machines are considered as best in order to reduce waste as well as ensures that your brand always looks its best.

Why Brands Prefer Glass Bottle Printing?

Any brand owner who chooses screen-printing is going to seek a unique and prestigious look. Screen printing machine for glass bottles is often associated with high-end packages, but it can also be used to create a higher perceived value for products at any price point. It is also the perfect way to reinforces the prestige of the brand as well as supports the retail price point. The metallic ink used in screen printing delivers the richness and sparkle of actual gold or silver with the luxury perception that comes with it.

Distinctive Branding

Screened bottles enable the products to stand out from the variety of competing products in the retail setting. Every brand looks for unique labelling concerning creativity and design. However, plastic bottle printing allows you to be great a great chance to combine the beauty of the glass bottle in order to create compelling designs and colour effects. If you are also looking something unique and attractive for your brand promotion, bottle screen printing machines for sale are available to create a memorable impression on customers. You can also use these bottles effectively for decorating oval-shaped containers and closures that seems complicated when using paper labels.


Screen printing on bottles addresses the biggest problems that paper labels pose like durability. Some significant factors such as shelf wear, scuffing, or moisture are responsible for reducing the lifespan of paper labels. For this purpose, there is a great need for some appropriate measures such as waterproof paper in order to improve the durability of the paper labels.

It is fascinating to know that the silk screening uses scratch-resistant inks like ultra-violet ink or epoxy ink in order to make the decorations last for a long time.


Screen printing machine for glass bottle is known as one of the best ideas for brand promotion. Keep in consideration that the initial cost required for screen printing is relatively low rather than many other printing techniques. It also offers higher ROI, especially for small runs.

Expanded Design Options

Screen printing machine for glass bottles allows you to get exciting design possibilities as well as the technique that can be applied across all design styles by ranging from the classic, sophisticated to bold and fun.

However, from a branding perspective, customization also enable your entire bottle to serve as a canvas of visual expression. Just feel, a consumer is holding that bottle in hand for just a little bit longer than usual when they turn the bottle around to view the label of your company.

Screen-Printed Glass Bottles are Durable and Reusable

Once the design is printed on the glass bottle, it will last for its entire lifecycle. It is fascinating to know that with the most biting of sanitizers, decorated bottles have been put through the ACL process, they didn’t shed their design. It allows the business and customers to reuse the bottle over and over again. We can also say that glass bottle printing is a great way to keep an eco-friendly as well as a budget-friendly business model.

Now, more and more people are switching towards reusable plastic bottles with screen printing to transport their liquids. It is also an excellent opportunity for promoting the eco-consciousness of the business to a market segment that is hard to reach.

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