Braxton Yoeman is a business coach and is widely recognized for his business coaching services to support entrepreneurs and business owners. Braxton and MySuccess.Team have been featured in Forbes, Reader’s Digest, Yahoo! Finance, and case studies of his client’s results have been featured by Cornell University and Yale University for leading hundreds of clients to success). Amidst the fierce competition and tough challenges in the industry, Braxton and MySuccess.Team have managed to help businesses to not only maintain sustainability, but to thrive and grow. Recently, they have announced the expansion of their scholarship program to help soldiers, nurses, and their families.

While MySuccess.Team’s coaching service is commended for its ability to help business owners reach success, one particular area of interest remains for MySuccess.Team – to help and support Military Veterans and their families. While the largest aspect of this commitment has been their involvement with the foundation FISHER HOUSE (which helps to house Military veterans and their families so that they can be close to loved ones who reside in nearby medical facilities while being treated for an illness) MySuccess.Team has also been active in private donations and hosting dinners and meals for groups of veterans as well.

According to Braxton, it’s a matter of paying it forward. “As a business owner myself, I have faced a range of challenges from the past and have made so many mistakes, way more than I can even count. However, I’ve learned a lot from these mistakes, managed to survive the challenges, and was able to come out the other side and grow many businesses successfully. We all have our troubles, and I know what it’s like to start with nothing, and sometimes you just need that extra push in your favor, and that can make all the difference.”

Braxton continued, “Growing up in a military family taught me so much that I still use to this very day. The self-discipline and dedication is what I carry with me everyday in my personal and professional life, and I attribute so much of my success to that. Success in business is no different… you just need some self-discipline, some dedication, and to know the right moves to make while you’re growing.”

“Also, I know how it is with the difficulties that come with being in a military family too, and it’s why I especially want to help those through our scholarship program, as I know we can make a huge difference in people’s lives.”

Their educational scholarship is designed to help support military veterans and help them get access to business education and coaching resources to help them reach the next level of success in their post military lives. 

In addition to their support of our veterans, they have recently grown their efforts by expanding their educational scholarship to include nurses, and families of those in medical professions as well.

“With the global situation now, it’s more important than ever to have options to be close to your family, and to provide a safe and secure income. And for those families as well, I think it’s really important to recognize their efforts, and to also have more options to earn an income and to start their own businesses.”

MySuccess.Team offers online coaching and consulting via Skype or the screen sharing service ZOOM, and also offer more full-range services such as the creation of business plans, social media management, website design, tech support, and marketing.

While the full details about the expanded scholarship program are yet to be announced, Braxton shared that all expenses for the program will be provided internally by him and MySuccess.Team.

To know more about the expanded scholarship program, please visit For suggestions and further inquiries, send an email to [email protected].

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