Relocating a bathroom in your home can be a thrilling endeavor. Not only are you improving the overall value of the home itself, but you’re also creating a better overall space that you are hopefully going to enjoy for years to come.

At the same time, relocating the bathroom can prove to be extremely stressful. This is often because many homeowners fail to take into account the various considerations that should inform their final decision. Understanding these considerations, including the potential need for a residential permit to do the work in question, can go a long way towards making your renovation efforts as hassle-free as possible.

5 Bathroom Relocation Considerations To Remember

A drafting professional for your bathroom relocation project can prove to be invaluable. This allows you to take advantage of experience that will make sure absolutely everything is covered, before the work in question ever actually begins.

Beyond the benefits of drafting, there are several considerations to this project that should be better understood:

  • Understand what might be expected of you: A bathroom relocation project can very quickly become a massive task. You may need to think about having a new plumbing system constructed, having the old flooring taken away, and whether or not your new bath will have a step or threshold. Do you need to install a new floor? New wall tiles? Are you going to be adding fixtures, faucets, a new bathtub or shower? Cabinets?
  • Where the new location is going to be: This may sound like a simple matter, but you would be surprised. Knowing where the new bathroom is going to wind up, and what you’re going to want in that new space, can keep your planning focused.
  • Permits: Residential/building permits may be required. This is particularly true when you’re making permanent changes to the area around the space. Check with your local office to see what you’re going to need in this particular arena.
  • Think about plumbing access: This is among the most important aspects of relocating your bathroom that you will want to keep in mind. Your bathroom is highly dependent upon specific plumbing, as well as various other connections. Obviously, these things exist in the space where your bathroom currently exists. Can the same be said for where you’re going to move things? This may be one of the first things you will need to take care of.
  • Overall relocation costs: Long before you begin any bathroom relocation project, you’re going to want to arm yourself with a budget. This budget should be everything you are willing to spend on the entire endeavor. Just as important as setting up an understanding your relocation costs is sticking to the budget you eventually settle upon.

How To Relocate Your Bathroom Easily

Obviously, one of the most important threads in this article is the value of being prepared. The more prep work you do beforehand, including time estimates and researching contractors/drawing professionals, the easier your time is probably going to be.

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