Why have we clearly mentioned that Virtual Reality is saving the Real-estate business during the COVID-19 Pandemic and how? That we are going to elaborate here in this article in the following.

We have witnessed the widespread of the Coronavirus over the Globe and its impact on our daily lives in 2020. Not only are we surprised to see the whole situation, but we are also going through a difficult time. It devastated the entire economy system due to so many lockdowns. From small to a big industry, everywhere you can see a big loss, they are facing. It changed the way of our living. The people are now busy with maintaining a safe distance to each other. The effect of this social distancing paused our lives, social activities, businesses, etc.

In this tough situation, when the entire industry is experiencing a global crisis every day in every sector for the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Real Estate business industry is trying to find new ways to continue a good relationship with the customers maintaining the cash flow. Virtual Reality technology already helps the Real Estate industry develop its business all over the world. WebbVR, technology startup is working on the innovative idea of using immersive VR technology to keep the transaction moving for the Real Estate industry in the COVID-19 atmosphere.

Pictures of Real Estate Industry before COVID-19 Pandemic

 First, the Real Estate business was limited and hectic. In this process, a real estate agent will provide you a description of the property first. Then it comes to the clarification point of the property, dealings, and eventually, official visit. Until purchasing, this whole procedure won’t give you a better portrayal of the property, and it will also waste your money and time at the same time.

It involves a long-time procedure of intercommunication and co-operation to complete. Due to the epidemic, it’s impossible to go outside, get an overview of the property, talk with the dealer, etc.  Therefore, Real estate agents have taken the alternate option VR technology completely to grow their business in this tough time. Virtual Reality tour of the property allows the buyers and sellers to overlook the property and continue their searches only from their homes.

International customers during Pandemic

Virtual reality Technology eliminates the geographical barriers boasting services all over the world. This innovation reduced the problems of International buyers. They cannot come directly to the property, but they can feel their virtual presence on that property with the VR technique. So, dealing with the property becomes easy for the utilization of VR.

In foreign, people are habituated with the VR system showcasing the properties for a long time. Foreign agents already did business with so many international clients for using Virtual reality. Now domestic customers also prefer to have a virtual tour before buying the property. These agents are expecting more domestic buyers who will purchase sights unseen.

When the world is experiencing the highest peak of the COVID-19 Pandemic, then the Chinese economy is recovering its state. The number of Coronavirus cases in China has been decreasing, and now it comes to near about zero. Chinese Real Estate clients are now more dependable on Virtual tours of the property. According to a Chinese Real estate agent, they offered virtual tour services regarding property searches 35 times than the previous time. They are generating more contracts on one day in many locations.

The USA, UK and European real estate agents have also developed their business more than the other times during this epidemic. These virtual tours of property are suitable in the luxurious market as the brokers try to attract buyers’ attention across the world. 360-degree video walkthroughs, floor designs and interior decoration plans allow the customers to inspect the property digitally.

Sometimes, most buyers asked their friends or relatives to visit the property before buying it internationally physically. They want to take assurance about the accuracy of the property. It is a fact that large amounts of property are also selling through the help of Virtual Reality technology.


New presentation of Real Estate Business

Many property firms are now rapidly growing their use of virtual resources and educating their agents about the use of VR technology. Real Estate organizations also offer online classes to give the agents lessons on how to do virtual video tours and how to post them to share them with clients through email, Instagram and Facebook.

It is used as a screening tool to give an idea about the property you will buy or sell. That’s why buyers are more likely to purchase property through a virtual tour. But not everyone accepts virtual tours as a substitute of in-person screenings. Apart from that, People also don’t like to buy something if they just couldn’t see it deliberately. VR is providing this exclusive facility to the consumers and as a result, it is becoming an essential part of the Real Estate industry.

Some popular Real Estate agents have already offered advanced and powerful real estate websites over the internet for the last 10 to 15 years that allow buyers to view floor planning, images of staged estates, and photos of virtually staged properties. A virtual tour or virtual reality will not add much to what already exists. So, in Lockdown, when we are bound to live inside our houses, VR technology could be the best way to get progress in the Real estate marketing business.

Future of VR in Real Estate business

Virtual tours using VR technology have their origins in the computer gaming industry. These 360-degree or panoramic video tours are evolving at a rate just as complex video games are growing. The residential sector’s greater use of 3D and VR headsets is helping to bring the interior spaces to alive and envision the surrounding areas.

It is now to be seen how existing tools can integrate data and facts into the Virtual Walk. As visualization is main part of the Real Estate business, that’s why VR technology has been adapting more by this industry over the world during widespread of COVID-19.

The usage of data visualization technology, machine learning software and real-life visuals will help the investors and tenants recognize and discover more about real-time properties that meet their unique requirements. It could make the process quicker and it also visits the site more efficient than an in-person visit. This kind of revolutionary technology in the real estate industry would push the market higher and support consumers in making a strategic decision that would increase its reliability. More innovations can be introduced to people for the development of the Real Estate business in the future.

Final words

Virtual tours were majorly the area of the residential leasing sector before the COVID-19 outbreak. It was once begun to gain popularity in the commercial sector, particularly used by foreign investors or corporations who were trying to seek space in shortlisting. However, most customers still preferred to see the property in person. Because they believe in-person viewing is more important than the 3-D virtual videos in dealing with property. But in only a couple of months, perceptions have changed drastically. Now people are choosing virtual tours to avoid human contacts due to serious COVID-19 Pandemic.

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