Instagram is used by 1 billion people around the world, so the best way to increase your business popularity is to use Instagram. Most business owners are now coming on social media to promote and business to keep their business running which was affected due to the pandemic. So you’re going to need to learn these helpful tips to grow your Instagram Business Account today but first, you need to have an Instagram Account to move further AccFarm can help you with this easily.

Let’s now learn the Top 5 Instagram growth hacks:

1.Make use of Hashtags

A lot is happening with the rise of Instagram. So, hashtags play a major role on Instagram and can link your followers to your brand easily. Instagram allows users to use up to 30 hashtags under their image to increase their followers and this is considered as the best tip of all time to increase your likes/followers easily.

2.Find your target audience, go-ahead

There are many ways to stimulate the interest of your followers using Instagram growth hacks. One way is to give them more attention by launching a photo contest. Users can simply use a particular hashtag, or they can tag your business when they post a photo online, you can choose the winner based on the most photo likes.

To reach more followers, you need to be creative to make your profile look more attractive. Sharing photos or videos about your business. This makes your connection with followers stronger.

For instance: If you have a restaurant, you can post videos or stories and get people interested in your special food and develop your page through this Instagram growth hack.

You can put links in your story and offer your subscribers the discount code for them to be interested in.

3.Integrate into Instagram with your website or blogs

Do you know you can embed your Instagram account on your website? By doing this your website or blog visitors can come to your Instagram account to check your posts. This increases your Followers and people could know about your business more.

4.Share your day with subscribers

One of the most popular Instagram Growth Hackers shares his day with his Followers. Instagram is the best social platform out there, you can post multiple stories about what happens in your business or you could even post your customer’s photos. You can share the history of your workplace interestingly, share the news of your business, share new information about your specialty, plans, etc.

5.Ask Questions to your Followers

Another Instagram growth hack has many stories. Using the  Ask Question feature on your Instagram Stories is the finest way to drive engagement. It also strengthens the relationship with your followers because they can give their opinion, or they can ask if they have any queries or any inquiries about your business or products. Most business accounts use this feature to grab more attention to their account.


Therefore, to increase your followers, you need to use these 5 tips from the growth of Instagram. To proceed with this first you need to have an Instagram account you can make it your self or you can buy Instagram accounts online. Use can start using these tips today that will help you create a good connection with Instagram to start your own business, increase your popularity, etc.

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