Cybercriminals are looking for innocent minds on the internet these days. They manipulate the minds of innocent people for committing a crime and accomplishing their criminal activities. Kids or children are their soft target. We provide smartphones either Android or iPhones to our kids for internet purpose after all, education is incomplete without it. However, the use of the internet can also be dangerous for innocent minds of kids, especially when there are no restrictions on porn sites, gambling sites, betting sites or drug-selling sites. Parents who are worried about the safety of kids use a parental control app. This application can block the inappropriate contents on the kid’s phone easily through remote parent device. Parents need to install parental control application on their child’s phone and grant access to good and informative website while blocking the illegal and time-consuming sites or application. The incident of kids kidnapping is increasing at an alarming rate these days. Parents are worried about their safety, especially when they are returning from school or colleges. There are many parental controls that is available free of cost on the play store as well as the apple store. If you are searching for parental control that is compatible with android as well as iPhones, then your search destination ends right now. Here are the lists of Top 3 parental control that are compatible with android/iPhone.

  • FamiSafe Parental control app: – FamiSafe is the free parental control app which comes with cell phone tracker features. FamiSafe application is compatible with both android as well as iPhones. The user-friendly interface allows parents to restrict the bad sites and grant access to the informative or educational sites on kid’s phone from remote desktop. Parents can easily install this application on their kid’s phone without letting them know as it works in stealth or undetectable mode. The installation is done fast as the file size is less than consumes less spacer on the child’s phone. This application also comes with a real-time GPS tracking system that can trace the exact location of any targeted device. Kids who make friends on social media easily vulnerable. Criminals can take benefit of this and manipulate their minds for committing crimes. We can safeguard them by checking their conversation history. These apps are very accurate in providing the details. These applications are also used with many private detective agencies for tracking the location details of suspect or criminals.
  • Kidslox Parental control app:-Kidslox parental control app is the best cell phone tracker app which is compatible with both android and iPhone. This application also uses real-time global positioning system that allows parents to find the live location of their kids, especially when they are returning home from tuition classes or schools. Parents can protect them from kidnappers easily. Parents can block bad sites like gambling, sports betting sites, drug selling e-commerce sites using Kidslox parental control app. It also works in a hidden mode which makes it undetectable from kid’s phone.
  • Qustodio Parental control app: – Qustodio Parental control app is yet another parental control app that works with both android and iPhone devices. The best part is it works in hidden mode on kid’s phone, which remains undetectable all the times. Kids will hardly notice anything from their phone. Parents can check the browsing history, restrict or block illegal or inappropriate sites or application on kid’s phone using Qustodio Parental control app from their remote device. Porn sites and sites that contain nude images can be harmful to kids. That is why we need to block these pornographic contents remotely to restrict access of these sites from kids phone.

Why is FamiSafe is the best parental control app?

Firstly FamiSafe has an excellent user interface. The simple design makes the basic operation like cell phone tracking, or restricting illegal sites can easily be performed using FamiSafe app. The app also uses less space than others which makes more spaces for other useful apps on our kid’s phone. Not only this is the real-time GPS tracking system of this device precise and accurate in finding the exact coordinate of any targeted device. FamiSafe provides the security of kids against kidnappers who are using their criminal mind to get ransom from wealthy parents. It can also detect suspicious photo sharing on kids phone so that parents can block them immediately. The information retrieved by FamiSafe is reliable and accurate. The same can be used as a document of proof before the court of law as well.

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