Top video game companies are key drivers for the entire entertainment industry, making up the largest segment – 36%. The best video game developers team up for the craziest, seemingly impossible projects. Pokémon by Nintendo, GTA by Rockstar Games, FIFA by Electronic Arts, and others. They move from exciting new products to consumer products through new technologies and their regular updates.

Behind each popular project, there is a team of true professionals in their area. And you don’t always need to look for these specialists in the biggest video game companies on everyone’s lips. So, it’s time to provide the list of top video gaming companies worthy of attention in 2020.

10 Top Video Game Companies

The list of the best video game companies continues to grow in direct proportion to the increase in the number of players – on average, 10% per year. This means there is always a good selection of options to rely on when developing entertainment projects for the target audience.

This list is based on information provided by review platforms such as GoodFirms, Clutch, and others. We’ve taken a close look at these platforms and each company’s websites to bring you detailed information on important things like company size, service line, customer/industry focus, etc.

Here you are top gamedev companies you can choose from today.

  • Kevuru Games

Services: Game development on Unity/Unreal, design and art production in 2D/3D
Company size: 50 – 249 employees
Year founded: 2012
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine; San Francisco, United States

This is a leading European game design company that partners with world-renowned publishers like FoxNext, Epic Games, EA, and others to create incredible gaming experiences. This team specializes in full-cycle game development – from creating concepts to implementing them into final artworks and games. They have a track record of artworks, 3D models, mobile games that you can find at In their portfolio, you’ll find many impressive works. For example, character concepts used in Fortnite were created by the Kevuru Games’ team. Get high-quality products developed in collaboration with these professionals!

  • Fan Studio

Services: Mobile game development and design, gamification strategies for startups
Company size: 10 – 49 employees
Year founded: 2008
Location: London, United Kingdom

As a member of the Ukie (UK Interactive Entertainment Association) and Tiga (Trade Association representing the UK gaming industry), the company is a trusted service provider to global customers. This UK-based company specializes primarily in mobile game design and development, finding the best solutions, or providing advice on gamification. They cover many industries – education, healthcare, entertainment, and more. Their experience in a wide variety of industries allows the team to offer fresh design solutions that help products stand out in the market.

  • zGames

Services: Custom video game development, full-cycle design
Company size: 50 – 249 employees
Year founded: 2008
Location: Houston, United States

Since 2008, this team has been engaged in implementing various interactive projects, from casual to advanced gamification applications. This means that they have managed to accumulate diverse experiences across different genres and leverage a huge stack of technologies – Unity 3D, AR / VR / MR, etc. The company’s portfolio of over 40 projects showcases the passion for creating engaging products, backed up by concept art, 2D design and 3D modeling. They offer their custom services to American and European clients, including Big Fish, Taito, and Atari.

  • Fgfactory

Services: Mobile and web game development, art creation
Company size: 50 – 249 employees
Year founded: 2010
Location: Kharkiv, Ukraine

For 10 years of work on the market, this Ukrainian company has established itself as a good service provider in the gaming and entertainment industry. This team helps to achieve business goals by offering a wide range of development services – art, design, animation, code development, etc. In general, this relatively small team of professionals is proud of more than 300 projects in various fields – gambling, mobile gaming, 3D and others.

  • Quytech

Services: Mobile game development, AR/VR development
Company size: 50 – 249 employees
Year founded: 2010
Location: Gurgaon, India

The company is renowned for its graphics-rich cross-platform gaming applications designed for a wide range of clients and delivered worldwide in various industries. The team serves e-commerce, healthcare, education and business development, entertainment, education, and more. They have announced more than 500 projects worldwide, which helps them to earn a great professional reputation.

  • Ommzi Solutions

Services: Game design, art and animation, code development, consultation
Company size: 50 – 249 employees
Year founded: 2013
Location: Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, India

This game development studio has a strong position in the market with a team of passionate professionals – designers, artists and 3D modelers, developers and others. They offer customers solutions that meet industry standards, be it in gaming or gambling. That is why the company has received wide recognition among many clients. To date, more than 30 successful projects have been developed. But the team doesn’t stop there – they are extending development services to satisfy all possible end users’ demands.

  • Melior Games

Services: Game development outsourcing
Company size: 10 – 49 employees
Year founded: 2010
Location: Vilnius, Lithuania; Kyiv, Ukraine

It is a company that offers custom design and programming services for a wide range of genres – arcade, strategy, slots, etc. The team targets international markets by offering quality products at reasonable prices. With 120 successful projects under their belt, they continue to exceed customer expectations and provide high-end solutions for every aspect of development – from conceptualization to testing and support.

  • Mode Games

Services: Full-scale game development (web, mobile, console)
Company size: 10 – 49 employees
Year founded: 2014
Location: Sydney, Australia

It is an Australian company that develops digital projects of all sizes and covers all aspects of game development from concept to marketing and post-release support. The team works closely on each project to ensure that it meets the budget and timelines initially stated. Among its clients, the company has partnered with Disney XD, which has an impact on their expertise.

  • Capermint Technologies

Services: 2D/3D game development
Company size: 50 – 249 employees
Year founded: 2014
Location: Montreal, Canada

This company entered the market using all the latest and most innovative gaming technology to make final products more entertaining for end users. These developers are ready to program games of different genres for different platforms and screens. The only thing is to formulate the idea and the key project requirements.

  • GenITeam Solutions

Services: Mobile and web game development from scratch
Company size: 50 – 249 employees
Year founded: 2008
Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Many leading companies and startups create engaging games with GeniTeam. They have many years of experience and a track record of different projects in many game directions. Each of them is based on effective design and marketing strategies. Their services and solutions range from concept creation to application development and launch to market.

Why Choosing the Best Video Game Developers Is Important?

If you are lacking in skill or knowledge, it is always best to leave the actual development process to the best video game developers. You need to find competent developers who will apply their expertise throughout the entire process. Today you are not limited to a few options – thousands of developers are ready to help you. For this reason, we have compiled this list to bring you closer to the best final choice, as you cannot risk your dream project. Right?

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