Jason Webb, a pastor in Milwaukee, uses his expertise to voice his views on how racial reconciliation can be supported in the church

Jason Webb, a Milwaukee-based pastor, is a public speaker and advocate of racial reconciliation. He believes the church can play a large role in supporting the cause during such a crucial time in our history.

Mr. Webb acknowledges that widespread racism is wrong. However, the pastor points out that the church environment’s budding issue revolves around white Christians not addressing racism as a spiritual issue for Christians. Instead, it is seen as a social issue discussed through politics. The problem is often seen in a church’s eyes as a circumstance to be dealt with by nonprofits and activist organizations. This perspective is familiar with churches not because of an opposing belief but because most do not consider it a part of the Bible’s core message.

The Milwaukee pastor and movement leader points out through his recent online publication of his article called Race and the Church. Part 1: “It’s a Big Deal” that many churches carry apathy for racial reconciliation primarily due to fear. The fear churches have surrounding touching on the subject matter leads many congregations to the thought process of losing attendees and ultimately losing church members along with their needed funding and support. Mr. Webb states that supporting racial reconciliation should very much be a part of a church’s core message and not be avoided from fear of losing attendees.

Scripture points out that multiple issues, including race, that are written off as social problems, are, in fact, at the heart of God and a big deal to Him. Churches that do not address social issues when teaching scripture are using the gospel only as a personal point-of-view, or “good news” to the dominating race. Thus, this approach of avoiding the topic of racial reconciliation and replacing the discussion with silence and fear only provides further division in the church rather than racial unity, which is what God intended as a part of His plan from the beginning. Mr. Webb states that, unfortunately, since Martin Luther King Jr. spoke these words, nothing has changed in the present day: “We must face the fact that in America, the church is still the most segregated major institution in America. At 11:00 on Sunday morning when we stand and sing, and Christ has no east or west, we stand at the most segregated hour in this nation.”

For further evidence and specific scripture references regarding why churches should address racial reconciliation and make it a big deal, visit Webb’s blog on his website http://www.jasonwebbmilwaukee.com/.

About Jason Webb

Jason Webb, pastor and public speaker from Milwaukee, is a gifted fundraiser and entrepreneur with a track record of leading multimillion-dollar campaigns in Milwaukee and around the world. He has helped start, lead, and mobilize volunteers for domestic and international non-profit organizations. Mr. Webb is a movement leader and a devoted advocate for racial reconciliation. He recently started working as Team Manager and Groups Director for Great Lakes Church.

Jason Webb
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