You have probably heard the phrase “A market is like a living organism”. To some extent, it is true. But until recently, there was not a single trading platform that would allow working with the market as a whole.

All trading platforms operate on the same principle. There is an orderbook with a buy and sell orders for any trading instruments. On the most popular exchanges (such as NASDAQ, NYSE, JPX, LSE, etc…) trading instruments are traded vs the US dollar or the national currency depending on the jurisdiction of the exchange.

The same thing happens in the young crypto-assets market, all the most popular platforms provide trading instruments only vs most valuable cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, USDT.

Accordingly, if a trader wants to sell one instrument and buy another, the trader has to make two orders: sell an instrument and buy another. Thus, you can’t feel the awesome power of the phrase “A market is like a living organism” on the classical order matching system since there is an invisible connection between separate orderbooks, and invisible opportunities, which traders cannot directly analyze and apply for trading. But everything changes if we can imagine the model when any order is a vector of liquidity flow, and the market is a unified graph of flows.

This is the model of Any2Any Quantum Trading Core that Nick Price and his team of the exchange have developed. Any2Any trading core represents the market as a unified graph (a decision network with nodes as orders) and allows trading any available on the exchange asset vs any other. So, any asset on the exchange can be “quote currency”.

The use of Any2Any technology allows increasing the liquidity for all trading assets and ensuring total freedom for the trader. If you want to trade Banana vs Tesla – go ahead, GOLD vs Brent – go ahead, Microsoft vs Corn please, go ahead!

Any orderbook that is provided by Any2Any Quantum Trade Core contains not only orders to buy and sell assets vs other, but also previously (in the classical order matching system) invisible liquidity, which was reflected from some other assets. And the trader chooses which asset vs which to trade.

At the same time, a deal in the quantum trading core can include not only orders for a

certain instrument of a taker’s order but also hundreds and thousands of orders of other traders for other instruments that balance the market decision network (unified market graph).

That is, when a trader buys Tesla at the stock market, this can automatically lead to the filling of other traders’ orders to sell wheat, buy Brent, and sell oats. Since the Any2Any Quantum Trade Core represents the market as a whole.

Any2Any trading core from, developed in a completely new paradigm, keeps all the features of the classical order matching system, provides matching based on the best price principle, supports limit, market, stop, and trailing orders.

Currently, it works only on the exchange and only for cryptocurrencies, but the introduction of such a core on the famous stock exchanges and commodity exchanges will lead to a real trading revolution. The most significant changes are an increase in the volume of exchange trading due to the maximum use of arbitrage opportunities by the buyers and sellers within one deal, an increase in available liquidity in each trading instrument, and the ability for traders to trade exotic cross- rates.

Traditional market players have already shown interest in the amazing new Any2Any Quantum Trade Core technology, and perhaps soon it will be possible to see how effective it is not only on crypto exchanges but also on traditional markets. Will it be able to change our understanding of trading beyond recognition, as before electronic trading sent a “pit” into oblivion? We will most likely find out the answer soon. The time has come for breakthrough technologies, and they are certain to change the way of even the most traditional things.

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