In the world of sports marketing and brand management, the name David Meltzer has become completely synonymous with excellence. Even being ranked atop the list of keynote speakers by outlets like Forbes and Entrepreneur, David is forging the way forward for millions on his way to empower over a billion people to be happy and fulfilled, providing unconditional value along the way.

David Meltzer’s siblings grew up looking to education for fulfillment and ended up in the Ivy League, but David took a different path. He worked to become a professional athlete and earned a football scholarship, before realizing that it would be prudent to listen to his mother’s advice to be a lawyer. Things took an unorthodox turn when he graduated, when instead of practicing law, David decided to sell legal software instead. Nine months in, he was a millionaire, and on his way to complete financial freedom.

This all took a turn for the worse when he began losing touch with the core values that had brought him success, eventually leading to a bankruptcy where he lost over $100 million on paper. Though in devastation, he didn’t let this faze him and instead got back on his feet to lead the sports marketing world as CEO of the Leigh Steinberg Sports and Entertainment agency, the renowned agency that served as the inspiration for the movie Jerry Maguire, starring Tom Cruise.

Fast forward to today and David has rebranded himself in the digital age, as the go-to-guy when it comes to blending happiness with pragmatic action in order to excel personally and professionally. With growing demand for thought leaders in executive leadership speaking on positivity and its greater impact on the world, David’s wealth of situational knowledge and experience stands out from the rest.

By championing the idea that the truth holds the highest vibration, David is seeking to enlighten the masses who have never known these causes to be fundamental to success, providing them tools and strategies to consistently and persistently pursue their potential.

Marketing experts and those from other neighbouring industries and sectors are now considering David’s outlook and thought leadership to be central to the conversation on entrepreneurship; and calling it Life 101 2.0. It’s that mindset with which we expect to take the world to the next level in leadership and development.

David Meltzer is the Co-Founder of global sports marketing agency Sports 1 Marketing, investor in the Toronto Defiant and Toronto Ultra esports organizations, and can be reached at (on twitter); (on instagram); and at (949) 298-2905 (by phone).

David also hosts free Friday Training sessions every week at 11AM Pacific Time, and you can register at


Contact Person: DAVID MELTZER

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (949) 298-2905

Country: USA


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