The COVID 19 pandemic that has spread its tentacles across the globe has made it a new normal to wear facemasks a part of our day to day life. Given the need for a continuous wearing of facemasks at offices, markets and practically everywhere, the need for comfortable, easy to wear, and affordable facemasks has become one of the prime necessities.

How do facemasks protect you?

COVID 19 is an airborne disease and is primarily spread through the respiratory droplets. Whenever an affected person coughs, sneezes or even talks to you, the viral particles can spread from him to you. The virus can also spread by touching your face, nose, mouth or the area around your eyes.

Facemasks can act as a barrier and can effectively stop the virus from spreading and affecting you. There are a few specific requirements you need to go through if you really want to safeguard yourself from the diseases. The facemasks manufactured with the proper care and comfortability levels can be quite helpful in helping you stay safe while going about your business and other activities without hassles of any nature.

The wholesale Facemasks from LAMADEMASK take it ahead

The Wholesale facemasks manufactured by California Textile Group are known to be quite effective and efficient in controlling the spread of the COVID 19 virus. Made from high quality fabric, they have been created with the utmost care with respect to the softness and functionality as a top priority.

The California Textile Group, through their website LAMADEMASK.COM has now been into producing comfortable, stylish and affordable wholesale face masks that would be helpful in a day to day wearing efficacy. The USA made facemasks from the brand have been known to be extremely breathable, reusable and designed for an extreme comfort.

There are several offers available on the LAMADEMASK wholesale facemasks as they can work to be quite effective in customising them to your requirements. If you are a company or an organisation, you can customise the facemasks with your logo and distribute them as free giveaways either to your employees or the general public.

The LAMADEMASK wholesale facemasks available from California Textile Group are available in different fabric options to suit your fashion requirements. Some of the fabric options available to you include cotton, cotton-poly and spandex, Supima, spun poly, and micro poly spandex. What makes them all the more affordable and an excellent option to use is the fact that they are NOT designed as single use facemasks. That would add up to the comfort level further.

Buy Wholesale Facemasks to help businesses grow

While you can buy the individual facemasks from the markets around you, opting for wholesale facemasks can prove to be a great advantage. Primarily that would be an affordable choice as the wholesale bundles are made available in packs of 250 masks at a price of around $ 2.25 per piece.

While buying them in wholesale lets you get an advantage in terms of pricing, and ease of buying, t would also be useful in letting you help the other allied businesses like yarn suppliers, knitting factories, and dyeing factories to stay in the business during these testing times.

While you can protect your family, friends and employees by making them wear the facemasks, you can also help the struggling manufacturers and other businesses sail through these pandemic times and stay afloat in their business.

“An amazing benefit that LA MADE MASK provides is the ability to customize your face mask and allows the user to be free with their creativity.” Says the CEO of California Textile Group, Mr Bobby Omrany. That should sum up the advantages offered by the wholesale facemasks offered by


LAMADEMASK is a USA based textile company that has an expertise in fabric and garment production. The company has now moved ahead into the mass production of the wholesale facemasks in view of the COVID 19 pandemic.

In the textile business since 1988, the company has carved a niche for itself in the textile industry and garment manufacturing. All the masks sold on the site are made in the USA, thus lending a helping hand to the economy during these testing pandemic times.

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Address : 1426 Channing St, Los Angeles, CA 90021

Telephone : +1 213-765-0555

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