Indices are considered as one of the best-trading markets. Indices have charts that are much clearer as compared to the forex charts. And the best thing about indices is that they have a vast scope of trends. Therefore, they are the best Trade Stocks for the strategies that follow trends.

But the most important thing is that you understand what are indices and how does the indices trade work.

Introduction to Index?

An index is a way of tracking the performance of assets or you can simply say that it is a way of how we can measure a group of assets or stocks. You may define them as the financial derivatives that are the measure of the average share prices of the companies that are listed on the exchange as the topmost performers.

One of the leading indices is the S&P 500. This index reflects the collective value of the 500 companies that top the list on U.S. stock exchanges. The price of S & P will change according to the price of the shares of these companies.

There are other indices that represent smaller companies participating in New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Some examples of such indices that represent smaller companies are

  • Germany’s DAX
  • Chinese China A 50
  • Russell 2000 index
  • Japan’s Nikkei
  • Dutch AEX

These indices represent stock exchanges all around the world.

Importance of Indices in Financial Market

Stock indices are used to calculate a particular group of stocks. As the market is full of thousands of various major stock exchanges, indices help the investors to have a reliable way of tracking overall market sentiment.  moreover, indices also enable investors to benchmark against their individual stock’s portfolio.

The most remarkable benefit of trading indices is that they give exposure to a vast industry. While, individual stocks do not offer this benefit.  indices trading is less volatile because the change in prices are not disturbed or spiked by individual stock.

But it does not mean that there is no volatility for traders in this market and they can pick from the numerous profitable opportunities available on this trading platform.

How do the Indices Prices Move?

The indices prices do not move as the traditional stock and forex market prices do. In fact, indices are not a market, but they are just a representation of the value of average prices of shares of a group of companies.

Therefore, the index prices move according to the value of the share prices of those companies and do not depend upon the buyers and sellers’ imbalances.

What is the Importance of Indices Trading?

 Index trading is considered to be more safe and secure as compared to the individual stock trading. This type of trading involves low risk factors as compared to the investments made in individual stocks.

  • Index trading has more leverage available than share trading:The leverage possible with Index future contracts produces a healthy environment that gives profit to the company and aids in the maximum benefits.Controlled technical analysis – The investors here don’t have to spend a lot of time on screen looking for technical analysis and working on charts for the companies.

    Maximum liquidity – The spreads that are tighter are created by the market which assists in the less money per transaction.

  • Minimum need to screen stocks for important data base The traders can spend more time in analyzing the market sentiments rather than spending time at looking on screen for data that is fundamental.What Affects Stock Indices?

Here we will skim up the points that actually affects the stock indices.  It is always important to keep a follow up for these factors for the betterment of the business.

1) Highlighted and important political events.

2)  Macroeconomic data.

3) Interest rates.

4) Expectations of the market.

Advantages of Trading Indices

1) A productive and healthy exposure is being provided to the markets and sectors by the indexes.
2)  You can speculate on the direction of movement of an index that is underlying without owning the physical shares.
3) You can use a small investment to get an exposure.
4) The low costs of transactions play a vital role in the trading indices.

5) Risk management – Variety from any one stock’s levity while maintaining unfolding to the stock market that is bigger.


Trading indices is a huge beneficial business which can give you an immense amount of exploration of the markets and sectors both on the smaller and bigger scale. This trading platform just requires thorough amount of research, experience, knowledge for the flourishment of the business.

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