The complexity of the world we live in is evolving at such a pace that solving problems is not the main challenge companies deal with. No, most of the problems a new start-up or medium-sized business is likely to face have already been solved. The challenge lays in sifting through the endless sea of solutions to find out which ones are worth implementing, and which will only make your daily life more complicated.

The so-called “sea of solutions” is full of acronyms and marketing buzz words. One you may have heard of are CRMs — which stands for Customer Relationship Managers. These software solutions can help integrate and streamline many areas of a business’s operation. Let’s take a look at the concrete benefits you can gain by implementing a CRM solution into your business.

1 – Track customer information

Most CRMs aren’t trying to re-invent the wheel. The tools they offer have been seen in other platforms before. Where CRMs provide value is by unifying all of those tools in a single platform, which makes your company’s data easier to access and analyze.

This includes your general customer information, which can all be input into the CRM platform in order to be shared with your entire team and tracked across different locations.

2 – Optimize your marketing strategy

CRMs can be used to track the effectiveness of different marketing campaigns and compare the results with previous data tracked on the platform. This can help you piece together which marketing strategies are working, and which are wasting your time.

3 – Streamline daily operations

Have company and customer information all gathered in a single platform makes it much easier for teams to collaborate over long distances. This simplification not only reduces time waste, but also makes it easier for you to outsource different tasks within the company.

Most CRMs also come packed with a wide array of automation tools, which can make the job of your marketing and customer support team a lot easier.

4 – Improved customer relations

One of the selling features of CRMs is the ability to integrate all points of customer access onto one platform. That means that one customer can talk to your company through Facebook chat, Telegram, and email on the same day and the customer support representative using the CRM will be able to see all of those messages in a single window.

This reduces the risk of information being lost, and the risk of miscommunication. Both of which could erode customer trust in your company.

5 – Automatic responses

Many CRMs come with tools that enable you to build chatbots easily. Whether or not customers appreciate chatbots is still a toss-up — current research shows that some people love them, some people hate them, and most people simply don’t interact.

However, while chatbots are a gamble, automatic responses are still widely regarded as positive. Customers like getting a response right away when they get in touch with your company, even if that automatic response only confirms that the message has been received, and a representative will be in touch shortly.

Most CRMs offer options for setting up automatic responses as part of their suite of marketing automation tools. These allow you to build different types of automatic routines without needing any coding experience.

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