The entire globe is in a bid to develop and utilize sustainable energy solutions. The traditional strategies have fallen short of expectations, with more detrimental effects on the planet and resources. Fossil fuels supplement about 80% of the energy needs in the United States. However, there has been a paradigm shift towards solar energy as a renewable source of power. A growing number of cities have set green targets, which often translates to powering their city operations with solar energy. And generating your own electricity is the most effective avenue to achieve sustainability goals while saving money.

Solar energy in the United States is readily available and affordable. Its use has grown more prevalent since the early 2000s. According to a recent Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) report, as of June 2020, the total installed solar photovoltaic (PV) capacity reached 81.4GW, which has the potential to provide power to about 15 million households. The report also indicates that solar energy plants provide an ever-growing share of electricity in the nation, with over 50 GW of installed capacity.

Investing In The Nation’s Solar Network: Golden Opportunity For Highly Accredited Independent Contractors

The solar energy industry is expected to grow the fastest in the energy industry. It has gained an indisputable competitive edge against conventional energy sources like fossil fuel and nuclear power. Following the widespread prevalence of the solar power marketplace in the United States, the sector has grown into an incubator of employment for millions of people.

SinglePoint, Inc. (OTC: SING) is one such player in the solar sector with core holdings invested in Solar Energy Services. Their specialty is fueled by newly fangled technology leading to the accession of small and mid-sized businesses. SinglePoint has implemented strategic plans to partner with commercial and residential vendors and installers in all 50 states. At the moment, SinglePoint, Inc. operates in 34 states. The company’s national solar sales brokerage is handled under the recently acquired subsidiary, Direct Solar of America. They have a unique solar model that is compatible with residential and commercial property alike. One of the strategies SinglePoint has in place is to acquire more companies to reach a larger audience and generate more revenue, which will bring about long term profitability.

And now, it is reported that the subsidiary company, Direct Solar America, plans to acquire the highly profitable Standard Eco, an installer and developer of grid-tied solar electric systems based in Texas, Arizona, and Illinois. It will be aimed at establishing a national solar network while growing overall revenue to propel its existing solar footprint in the renewable energy sector. Funds for the acquisition will be garnered from a combination of cash resources from Direct Solar America, and stock from the mother company SinglePoint, Inc.

Thousands of people are employed in various sectors of the solar industry. The majority of jobs are found in manufacturing and installations. In a recent interview, Wil Ralston, president of the publicly-traded holding company says, “We will leverage the current Direct Solar sales network operating in 34 states. Adding the best in class installers focused on creating a deep and powerful national offering to serve customers in every state. And to, most importantly, take advantage of operational cost savings while benefiting from being one of, if not the only, company that will be able to serve every zip code in the United States.”

In support of green systems, the United States senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders has proposed a 16 trillion dollars climate change plan that would see a shift in the US electricity generation from fossil fuels to renewable resources like solar, wind, and hydropower by 2030. This would allow the government to drop the price of electricity to virtually free after 2035. Sander’s Green New Deal is projected to create nearly 30 million new employment opportunities. True, several jobs will be lost in the fossil energy sector, but more will be generated by the shift to green energy.

Hence, SinglePoint, Inc. via its subsidiary company, Direct Solar America, is expanding its position and reach to be a national solar provider capitalizing on the Solar+ Battery Storage opportunity in the vast US market.

Benefits Of Solar+ Battery Storage In Residential And Commercial Property

  • Power whenever you need it

The new age use of solar batteries in residential and commercial buildings is gaining popularity in the market. This recently adopted energy storage technology enables us to store the extra energy produced by our fitted solar panels, instead of feeding it back into the electricity grid.

Traditionally, with standard solar power setup, you install panels on the property, and the system is linked to the grid. When your panels fail to generate ample energy, your building draws on the grid power system to make up for the deficit. And you pay for this energy just like you would if you did not have any panels. With Solar+ battery storage, you can store the energy that your solar panels produce even though it is not used at the time of its creation, increasing resiliency.

  • Saves costs

When we use energy that is derived from storage batteries, the amount of electricity we draw from the grid is significantly minimized. This translates to lower electricity bills. Using a solar battery as a backup up system helps you cut costs incurred from electricity suppliers. You get to attain self-sufficiency with a cost-effective solution.

  • Help save the planet

Using solar as a green energy solution diminishes our reliance on fossil fuels, which reduces our carbon footprint in the environment. Replacing the traditional diesel-powered generators with a solar battery storage system is a sure way of reducing carbon emissions, thus eliminating air pollution. Not to mention, the clamor caused by these diesel machines.

Take Away

If we want to avoid the detrimental impact of climate change, we need to transition to renewable sources of energy, such as solar-generated electricity. This renewable power source is sustainable and cost-effective. Go Green and help save the planet from environmental destruction.

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