Being able to customize a home security system is naturally ideal for homeowners. However, up until recently it’s been difficult to find the best affordable security system.

There are a number of reasons this is the case. For instance, setting up and installing a home security system traditionally requires expert help. Because pricing options can be confusing, many homeowners don’t fully understand precisely what they’re getting when they choose a system and features.

Entrepreneur Maximus Yaney, who’s already succeeded in disrupting industries with such ventures as Aerospace Titan, is changing that. He’s now the Founder & CEO of Kangaroo Security. Their goal: offer the best home security system (and, more specifically, the best affordable home security system) that’s far more customizable than any previously available to homeowners.

The following points will help you better understand exactly how Max Yaney plans to achieve this goal as CEO of Kangaroo Security:
A Different Approach to Home Security Systems
Like so many startups that go on to dramatically change outdated products, Kangaroo simply leverages today’s tech to change the way a product operates. For example, most traditional home security systems require a hub where the company can monitor their customers’ systems. This is one of the reasons these systems have often been prohibitively expensive for many homeowners.

Kangaroo Security, at the behest of its founder Max Yaney, does away with that element of the infrastructure. Instead, it offers customers home security cameras they can monitor remotely via smartphones, tablets, and similar devices.

Eliminating this aspect of the infrastructure also adds more transparency to the experience of buying home security systems. Working with a company that must handle the installation and monitoring of a security system forces homeowners to sort through the various options these companies offer. Often the goal is to make homeowners sign up for costly services they may not necessarily need or want.

Kangaroo Security’s products are the best home security cameras because they dramatically simplify this process. The company doesn’t force homeowners to enter into contracts, an aspect that CEO Maximus Yaney feels strongly about. More importantly, it’s easy for a homeowner to understand how its cameras function. They decide how many areas of their home they want to monitor, how many cameras doing so will require, and can customize the system according to their needs and budget.

Only 17% of homes in the U.S. have a security system in place. Confusion and cost are likely two reasons for this situation. As Kangaroo Security CEO, entrepreneur Maximus Yaney wants to address this lingering problem. He did this by offering some of the best affordable home security systems on the market.
About Maximus Yaney
Entrepreneur Maximus Yaney is a former Googler, and Co-Founder & CEO of Kangaroo Security, Co-Founder of Mohawk and Founder, CEO, and CTO of Titan Aerospace. Learn more about him on Maximus Yaney’s LinkedIn and Maximus Yaney’s Twitter.

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