If you have ever wondered where to invest money, then you have considered buying real estate. Of course, buying a house to live there or renting it out is not the same thing. In the first case, investing in new homes you get a liability. You have to pay the mortgage, land tax and utilities. In the second case, choosing new home investment you get an utterly profitable business. Of course, you will have to deal with the issues of repairs and paying taxes, but you will cover the costs and receive additional income at the tenants’ expense. You will also need to take care to find an excellent real estate agent. An experienced realtor will be able to negotiate a reasonable price for you and find responsible tenants.

What Is New Construction?

The building niche is very extensive. If you want to know more about new buildings, compare companies and prices, you can find up-to-date information in the section new construction homes on iNew-Homes. In this article, we will share a few simple rules for making a good deal. There is a significant difference between buying a home from a previous owner and a new home. Some investors pay for the sale even at the stage of the existence of only the project. Such a venture can be both risky and very profitable.

We have collected several criteria that you should evaluate before making home building investments:

  • Carefully study the developer’s reputation. Go and see the prefabricated houses of this company and houses that have been operated by residents for several years.
  • Choose a comfortable area with developed infrastructure. Walking distance from the metro and the presence of schools, cafes and shops nearby will significantly facilitate your search for clients.
  • Talk to buyers and investors. People who have already collaborated with these developers will tell you about a credible situation. You can also pay attention to those details that you did not think about before.

It is also useful for future investors to think about the business strategy thoroughly. If you have the required amount to invest, this gives you more opportunities. But there are investment options with a bank loan. This scheme is more complicated. But if you choose a reliable construction contractor and make a good investment, the interest in the profits will cover your expenses, and you can earn more than the amount invested.

Long-term and short-term investing also have some differences. Implementing a short strategy will require more effort from you right away. For example, you can buy a building at the design stage and then sell it as a business center or hotel. You will get a lot of profit from this trade. In this case, your responsibility will be to control the quality of construction and find a client.

Long-term investment involves finding clients for rent. Remember that tenants can change. You will also have to solve problems that the tenants or tenants have. Your tenants will not always be bona fide property users. You will have to explain an extensive list of tasks, but they will be stretched out in time. You can also count on long-term passive income. The one-time profit will not be as high as in the first case. But the total revenue over several years can be much higher than from a one-time sale.

What To Know Before Investing In New Construction Real Estate

Experienced realtors say that investing in a new building seems complicated only the first time. This type of transaction has many advantages over buying a used home. You don’t have to remodel outdated interiors or repair pipes or electrical wiring. Moreover, after purchasing a building, hidden defects may appear that you will have to eliminate at your own expense. If you find flaws in a new structure, you will be able to present requirements for their elimination to the contractor.

To be able to take full advantage of new construction investment, follow these steps:

  1. Study the contract carefully or draft it with the help of your lawyer. In the documents, the developer must indicate the exact date of completion of the object. The contract must also show the terms of acceptance of the finished building and the period for eliminating possible defects. Also, you must thoroughly describe the rights and obligations of the developer and the buyer. The critical point is the source and timing of funding.
  2. Also, in the contract, it is necessary to indicate what time frame the developer undertakes to coordinate the project with state authorities. An essential part of the agreement is the construction estimate. The customer must agree with the final amount. If the developer assumes that the object’s value may increase for reasons beyond his control, this clause must also be included in the contract. The contractor and the buyer agree on the amount by which it is permissible to increase the building cost.
  3. Before concluding a deal, you must find an experienced realtor. As a rule, cooperation with a realtor allows clients to save 10-15% of the construction cost. Real estate agents know all the key points that affect the final price.

In addition to the undoubted advantages such as corporate identity and modern technology, new homes have some disadvantages. Residential and commercial new buildings are more expensive than used houses. If the facility is being built in a new area, future residents may be disturbed by noise from the construction of buildings. Also, buyers are afraid of construction projects outside the window and the lack of permanent neighbours. Your task as an investor is to find an experienced realtor. The professional will explain to prospective clients that noise and landscape difficulties are temporary. When the project is fully completed, clients will be the owners of luxury homes or apartments in the most modern area.


Any significant investment is risky. But if you approach the financing of new buildings thoughtfully, you are almost guaranteed to get a good profit.

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