The gaming community has evolved with advanced gaming consoles, controllers and graphics. However, in this post, we will be looking at one of the most underrated accessories that is headphones. We will be discussing the difference between open back and closed back headphones for gaming.

Headphones are vital while gaming since they allow you to hear opponent footsteps, background noise and other details which not only enhance the gaming experience but improve your gameplay as well.

If you are not able to hear your opponent’s footsteps this will lead to him having a competitive edge over you while gaming.

You can practice your gaming skills all you want but if your opponent can hear you and you cant, then it would be difficult to win.

Premium headphones can last you a long time because of their durable build quality.

Open Back Headphones For Gaming

Open back headphones have been commonly used by gamers because of their wide sound stage.

Since earcups are open hence the headphones are highly breathable due to which you can wear open back headphones for long gaming sessions without any discomfort.

Additionally, it provides ambient awareness which keeps you aware of your surroundings while gaming.

This can be helpful while speaking to others while gaming.

The only downside of Open back headphones is that it does not provide sound Isolation like closed back headphones and there are sound leaks that occur.

Since the headphones are open back the sound stage is larger and airy which provides the best gaming experience.

The sound stage on open back headphones is wide due to which the audio environment is large.

It provides a realistic sound experience which makes the gaming experience highly immersive.

Open back headphones allow you to hear every detail clearly which makes the gaming experience enjoyable. Check out the best open back headphones for gaming.

Sennheiser is one of the leading companies to provide open back headphones. The earcups of open back headphones can be customized to provide the best gaming experience.

Open back headphones can be used for hearing music as well due to their wide soundstage and premium audio quality.

There are multiple options available in open back headphones.

Closed Back Headphones For Gaming

Closed back headphones, on the other hand, allow you to focus while gaming by blocking background noise however the sound stage on closed back headphones is poor.

Furthermore, closed back headphones lead to sweating and heating of ears since they are not breathable.

However, closed back headphones do not cause sound leaks due to which you can wear these headphones at night as well for gaming without disturbing anyone around.


While we believe both open back and closed back headphones are good for gaming. It all comes down to individual preferences.

There are many options available in closed back and open back headphones.

Gaming with these quality headphones will drastically improve your gaming skills and performance over time.

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