Banking Industry in India is booming like anything. Currently, there are 12 public sector banks and 22 private sector banks that are operating in India according to Wikipedia. Even when there are so many banks all the banks have a good amount of customers.

But the problem is not everyone is an expert in banking and not everyone knows how to use their bank account in a proper way. This is where Bank With Us comes to the picture. Today we are happy to announce that we have published our 300th Banking guide on our website.

About Bank With Us (

Bank With Us is a banking guide website which was started on 2 December 2016 by Akash Navi. This site is dedicated to the people of India who want help with using their bank account. On Bank With Us, we covering everything right from opening the bank account, blocking the ATM Card to closing the bank accounts.

We don’t publish the banking guides on our website without verifying the details with the bank. And that is the reason why it took us so long to publish our 300th banking guide on Bank With Us. So far we have covered many topics on our website.

What Have We Covered on Bank With Us?

So far we have covered the banking topics which are mentioned below.

Guide to Check Bank Account Balance: As of now we have covered 23 Indian Banks. We have published in-depth guides for the customers of 23 Indian Banks which help them to check their remaining account balance.

Guide to Block Lost or Stolen Debit Card: We have covered 17 Indian Banks. These 17 articles on Bank With Us helps the customers to block their debit card. If they have lost it somewhere or if it has been stolen.

Guide to Request New Cheque Book: We have published 9 guides of different Indian banks that help the account holders to request a new cheque book if they have run out of cheque leaves.

These are just 3 examples of how Bank With Us is helping the people in using their bank account. There are a lot more topics on our website. You can find all our 300 banking articles on the homepage of our website. We have provided multiple search boxes on the homepage.

Is Bank With Us a Paid Publication?

No, Bank With Us is free for all. Anybody can visit and read our full banking guides for free of cost. We do not charge anything for our readers. But we run ads on our website out of which we generate revenue. Ads are the only source of revenue for us.

The ads on our websites are served by a third-party based on the browsing history of the visitor reading our website. We do not control the ads displayed on our website in any way. All the ads are interest-based served by a third party based on the browsing history of our readers.
Contact Details of Bank With Us
If you wish to reach us then you can use the contact information provided below.

Contact Person: Akash Navi


Postal Address: Vijay Laxmi Arcade, Vinayak Nagar, Belagavi, KA, India.

Email Address: akashnavisworld[at]

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